You are Here ==>


There will be large maps. 
There will not be minimaps.
There will also be no <you are here> arrows with the map centered on it.

Let me figure out where I am.
Let me get lost.
Let me swear a blue streak when I find a massive metal node but no clue where I am and how to get back.


  • ok then..... back away slowly
  • Let me figure out where I am.
    Let me get lost.
    This could be a very interesting mechanic that classes like rangers as well as those with the cartography skill would make excellent pathfinders - While anyone could muck about and will eventually find the fastest way from point A to point B Pathfinders would have more details on their maps and know which series of passes and paths would connect the two points efficiently.

  • I would have mentioned it long before but... it's just a thing you run across in every game it.. you just don't notice it there.

    Took me staring at a map for several days while watching for event spawns for it to bring a lightbulb.

    You can't get lost if some magical mark on the map shows you right where you are.
  • As long as the game won't babysit us to a ridiculous extent I don't mind 'w'
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    I think the old saying it's more about the journey than the destination is important in any mmo even more so in ashes
  • Yes, just a compass would be cool. Loved it on games like Day Z
  • I endorse this message. <3
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