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Customer service support not responding?

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edited December 2018 in Forum and Discord Help
I was just wondering, did anyone else had a issue with AoC CS just not responding? 

I have submitted a ticket regarding my kickstarter package upgrade and one other and got no response for like a month now (It was 10th of November 2018, which is now exactly a month)


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    **Should you find that you need assistance with your account, the webstore or a purchase (Kickstarter, SummerSale or current package offerings) please open a ZenDesk ticket with Intrepid CS team. You can submit a support ticket directly to Intrepid Studios as follows: **
    ```1. Navigate to
    2. Locate the Support gem icon at the bottom right of the home page.
    3. Enter keywords relating to your support issue in the search box.
    4. A list of responses will be shown. If none of the responses answers your query then click on the "Contact us" button at the bottom of the page.
    ***Further instruction can be located here - if you are still having an issue. ```

    **Have you already placed a support ticket with Intrepid and are currently Pending a resolution?**

    ```1. Response times for support tickets is typically less than one week. At times the queue may be longer than others, or your request may require additional support to resolve. In such instances the wait time maybe longer.
    2. All support related communications, escalations and resolutions are handled via the Intrepid CS team. Questions, comments and communications will be handled via the email generated for your ticket.
    3. Community Moderators do not have access to the support queue and will not be able to assist in escalating or resolving support tickets. ```
     Thank you,

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