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do the devs read this forum?

kinda curious as I feel like i could give some feedback and some things to absolutely avoid but I'm not going to pay money to get into an alpha and give feedback (you should be asking for competent people honestly, this whole approach is bullshit but w.e i guess indie games need funding)

also do you get banned for using slightly offensive language?


  • the devs don't really spend much time here as they spend most of the time on discord, also you can say what you want as long as you don't break the T&C
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    They do indeed read these forums, but are much more active in Discord. The actual responses from a developer to a thread that wasn't a promotion or announcement amount to a handful of times. They look at threads that community moderators point out to them, but since anything they type is taken as gospel as the community, they tend not to make specific details or promises, because if those are not met, the "community" loses its collective shit.

    While you may not like the industry standard that has been adopted over the last decade of paid testing as a revenue stream, the only way it will change is if no one ever pays for testing. And that isn't going to happen. Your claim of being more competent than someone who has paid for a package is also unverifiable, you could be a rabid squirrel that gained access to a keyboard and is bent of bringing down the human domination so you can have all deez nuts for yourself. Charging you money for access definitely shows your level of commitment to the testing process versus the horde of unwashed masses that would rather just try to get something to play for free, not provide relevant feedback, and then wander away when bored with the actual nuts and bolts of development and testing.

    - WTF & Cursing Cursing is considered pretty normal in MMOs, especially via acronyms like “WTF”. That’s okay and we’re a more seasoned bunch of nerds. Don’t let it get out of hand though. Moderators have a right to edit or remove posts they feel are too offensive.
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