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New but not so new


I have been following game development for a while and now when there is something to be tested, I decided to be "active".. Atlteast I try :) I think I joined community about a year ago. And ofcourse, I am so exited about the game!

Anyway, quick question at the same time, I have been waiting for APOC and I have asked many times in dicord same question: Should I be able to download launcher or something? Or when is that email coming where is more information about the APOC and setting it up? I Heard that I should create interpid account but that site does not allow me to do that etc... So any help would be appreicated

Thx :) 


  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Welcome to Ashes!
    To answer your questions, since you posted here on the forum you already own a Intrepid account, this right here is everything you need to join the open beta tomorrow. :)
    You should be able to download the launcher, but not update it/download the game. Intrepid will send out the emails, when they are ready, but I presume it won't happen before the 18th. And since they're in NA, it will probably take until evening in EU before mails roll out. This is just an assumption I make, be patient, you'll get into apoc soon. :)
  • Welcome hopefully fellow elf supremacist.
  • Thanks for asking Hapuuma, I too was wondering the same.
    First time poster, long time watcher from the shadows : )
  • Welcome! Yep, you got an account, so just keep an eye on your emails.

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