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Okay, so, Hi. Apocalypse coming?


I registered about a a year ago but never got involved enough to comment, so first post. I'm having an mmorpg (and general gaming) itch since I stopped with GW2 about a year ago. AoC is the only one in development that I'm enthusiastic about, but haven't decided on buying it yet. Anyway, why this post after a year?

1: I saw in the newsletter and on youtube that the open beta of Apocalypse is starting today and that all who registered can join. I haven't received any further news about that (I cheked my spam). Do I still need to do so something for that? I took a week of from work but now I'm getting a bit anxious. I also looked at the Redditbut didn't see anything there either.

2: I looked at the announcements and headlines thread but the most frequent post is from august. Am I missing something? Is the news about Apocalypse in a different thread?

3: Is there a separate guild recruitment for Apocalypse? I kind off joined one for AoC about a year ago but should probably look into that further.

4: Is there already a guild registry? Going through a huge tread of recruitment posts isn't really my thing. LF English or Dutch speaking (semi) hardcore 18+ PvX guild. I estimate my game time to be between 10 and 20 hours a week. I'm open to take up some responsibility and organization, should that be helpful.


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