[NA/OCE] Mutiny [Hardcore PvP][Arena, Caravan Raiding, Piracy & Sieges]

XombieXombie Member, Braver of Worlds

[NA/OCE] Mutiny [Hardcore PvP] [Arena, Caravan Raiding, Piracy, and Sieges]

The wolf doesn't concern itself with the opinions of sheep.

Leader: Xombie

Administration: RevelStrike, MJ, Zapp and Greek.


+Why do we exist? (Purpose)

To gain notoriety via overcoming overwhelming odds in PvP, partake in hilarious adult banter, and to unify a group of good friends both in-game and out.

To push each other to new heights, optimize the guild into a cohesive unit.

To excel beyond the limits of our opponents, but remain humble and remained focused on improvements and progression.

+What we do? (Mission)

Mutiny aims to excel at all PvP aspects of AoC, but we don't stop there. We intend to enrich the experience for all individuals within the guild via outrageous antics, exhilarating gameplay and tactics, and besting near impossible odds.

We are friends first and foremost, you won't find the same sense of comradery anywhere else.

+Where are we going? (Vision)

Mutiny is hell-bent on being a top contending PvP guild as well have notoriety server wide.

We will have an academy both in-game and out, helping those seeking improvement in a wide array of things from leadership skills to build optimization.

+How will we get there? (Direction)

We aim to achieve our goals by only recruiting dedicated, like minded individuals that are willing to operate as a cohesive unit.

We will spend our time waiting for AoC building bonds and personal relationships.

+How will we know when we have arrived? (Measure)

We will know we have arrived when we have achieved server notoriety and combat prowess over our opposition.

When we have earned enough renown to be recognized on Reddit, community forums, community discord, YouTube, and Twitch.

To all our enemies, we'll see you in hell
We're gonna walk 'em off the plank into the wishin' well
Down to Davy Jones' Locker where the fishes sleep
Won't be prayin' for you, so don't be prayin'
Don't be prayin' for me


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