[NA] Verra Mercantile Company |PVE | PVX | RP | Econ | 18+

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Focus: [NA] Verra Mercantile Company | PvX | RP | Economy | 18+
Leader: Samiel Aurous#0001
Size: Medium
About us:
Verra Mercantile Company was founded in 2017. Our success lays in creating and manufacturing the highest quality items, providing top tier service and helping all of Verra’s inhabitants build a brighter future. We at VMC take our crafts and professions very seriously. We will be working with each and every node that we have members or officers in to reach its pinnacle. We want to build a stable, profiting and flourishing economy within our node(s) of influence.
Per the information provided so far we know that crafting and PvE content are going to be intimately tied together. VMC aims on having some of the best PvE-based groups of the server.
While PvP is not the primary goal of the Verra Mercantile Company, we know that everyone wants to enjoy everything the game has to offer. That being said, the unsanctioned or unjustified attack on another player is not allowed.
Joining Verra Mercantile Company:
VMC has room for anyone wanting to play Ashes of Creation to the fullest. We plan on taking (if not starting) events that will change the course of Verra. In the Company, we do not see you as just another player. You are the driving force for change and we want to help you drive that change for the betterment of our server!

You can join Verra Mercantile Company by going to our Discord channel over at https://discord.gg/jmwErCe.


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