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Guild Name: Axiom
Website: https://joinaxiom.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/Axiom
Leaders: Angelcry and Truth Eternal
Server: North America
Focus: We have an equal interest in all things PvE/ PvP/ Econ and Crafting.
Time zone: All NA time zones are active


Axiom is an 18+ gaming community established in 2015. We are awaiting Ashes of Creation for both the thrill of pvp and challenging end-game pve. If you want to share the hype and talk about the game right now, come check us out. If you desire a high level of organization, leadership that is consistently invested in community, and if you have the determination to succeed, Axiom is the home for you.

Our mission in Ashes of Creation is to build a solid group of highly-engaged members with a focus on longevity, consistency, and intensity. Guild events will include regular raiding and world exploration, organized large-scale PvP, and arena teams.

Our guild has been actively involved in the AoC community since the Kickstarter campaign. Both leaders are Phoenix Initiative members, and we have a large group of Alpha backers that have already been testing. We even have multiple members that have participated in Alpha 0 testing. Axiom has been here since the beginning, and we will not falter or fade away. We will always be remembered in the legacy of Ashes of Creation.


  • Axiom values respect, maturity, and a positive atmosphere. We are a team, a family, and we have got your back.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • We are looking for those who like to communicate both in text and voice chat. While speaking is not required, we do ask that you are comfortable getting in voice channels to listen to instructions if asked.
  • We are an active community now, and we ask for a level of activity from our members. There are many opportunities for you to get involved and meet new people. Our chat is active, and we always welcome a new voice.
  • We know the importance of smooth logistics and clear communication. Schedules and important information are always up to date, so you never feel left in the dark or out of place.
  • You have a say in the community. We welcome feedback and innovation. If you have recommendations or the desire to contribute, we will listen and enable you to achieve your goals.
  • We are playing games together now. We offer competent leaders and groups for other games you may want to try out while we wait for AoC. Get to know your guild before the real game begins. Join us while we check out new ones together and old favorites. We offer events, tournaments, and community-wide town hall meetings.
  • We have community storage to organize and share your content as well as a blog dedicated to chronicling the history of our guild in AoC.

If you are interested in our community, please join our discord. Click the link above or find it on our website.There you can speak to leadership if you have further questions. We ask all potential members to fill out a simple application. You will quickly be approved and oriented into the community. We're looking forward to getting to know you!

Axiom | Joinaxiom.com


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