How many hours are you planning on putting into the MMORPG

Pretty much title, just wondering how many no-lifers we got on our hands. Comment down below how hard you're gonna go when Ashes of Creation launches.

A) I have a life! 5 hrs/week
B ) I'm a gamer 10 hrs/week
C) I like to play video games 20 hrs/week
D) I'm a professional gamer 40 hrs/week
E) I have no life 60 hrs/week
F) I'm a basement dweller 80 hrs/week
H) I'm anti-social 120 hrs/week
I) Other
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  • lowe1608lowe1608 Member, Explorer
    I) 170/week
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  • bcgiantbcgiant Member
    I used to do 24/7 during my college years but with a full-time job and RL stuff, I can do 20+ hours during the week that is 4-5 a night and 25 on the weekend. Since I have to work on my health, I won't skip the gym or sleep less than 6 hours just to do a no life grind.
  • wonderboywonderboy Member, Braver of Worlds
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    During working weeks C, during non-working weeks probably E.
  • ailericaileric Member
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    lowe1608 wrote: »
    I) 170/week

    Slack ... that's not even 110%
  • ScythAScythA Member
    6-8 hours on working days, 14+ on non working days. At least for the first few months anyway.
    So I guess E, close to F.

    But I will take time off during launch for some G.
  • muridiousmuridious Member
    edited April 15
    Probably between C and D, Although if I'm free from work, I wish anyone who'd try the best of luck trying to drag me away from the computer ^^
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  • azathothazathoth Member, Braver of Worlds
    I will probably only be able to get 9-15 a week, every other week. Maybe 3-4 on the alternating weekends. So, most likely no more than 24-38 a month...

    I do plan on playing for quite some time, so I am sure I will get my investment back in time well spent. I will likely cycle through several main characters before I find one I am willing to invest more than 20 or so hours in.
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  • Most likely D with 5-6hours daylie :D
  • uranu5uranu5 Member, Braver of Worlds
    G - And that's the opening week
  • nagashnagash Member, Leader of Men
    about 10 hours a week if I can mind you really life never seems to let me any more

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  • burnthefernburnthefern Member, Settler
    Depends on where I'm at with my education and if I'm single or not when AoC drops. I'll definitely hit B, but I'd like to be closer to C.
  • poisonzpoisonz Member, Braver of Worlds
    I) Other

    A... lot

  • arzosaharzosah Member, Braver of Worlds
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    E-F Video games are the full extent of my social life.
    The first couple weeks I plan on taking some PTO and push the 120-130 hours per week
  • CeiventCeivent Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix
    i'd like to at least play enough to get a 1$ : 2/3 hour ratio in the amount I've put in.
  • varkunvarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    Depending on where life is at the time work etc 7 to 8 hours through the working week and 14 to 16 hours per day on the weekend. I can run on less sleep for a few months :D
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  • shadowcreptshadowcrept Member, Leader of Men
    Planning on taking a month off of work when Launch coems around,(hopefully) if not 2 weeks at Min, planning on playing the first few days straight no sleep, followed by 14-18hrs a day after that depending on where i work when i start back up, anywhere from 8-12 hrs a day
    on days off prob 18hrs atleast
  • makinojimakinoji Member, Warrior of Old
    Not going crazy with AOC, gonna take my time and enjoy everything. Stop along the way and take in the beauty of the world. I'm finally at a stage (age wise) and in gaming to know not to ruin the experience by mindlessly clicking through quest dialogue and rushing to max.
    I'll play when I can and enjoy every minute. So if I'm still level 10 3 years from now it's because I'm playing my way and taking it all in.
  • karthoskarthos Member, Braver of Worlds
    I've forgone marriage and children so when the moment comes, I can quit my job and devote all my time to gaming.

    I've been slowly hording gold tooth filings I've pried from the mouths of my enemies to live on.
  • azathothazathoth Member, Braver of Worlds
    Saving ETO now for a solid 2 weeks of game play. Probably wait a few weeks after launch to pull that off without server issues.

    ...not that I am expecting any...
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  • poisonz wrote: »
    I) Other

    A... lot

    This scares me
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  • evilpeppardevilpeppard Member, Braver of Worlds
    As much as I can, which equates to somewhere between 'C' and 'D'; around 25-30 hours per week.
  • whitedude31whitedude31 Member, Founder
    I work 12 hours a day, 4 days a week, but typically have almost nothing but paying a few bills every week, so . . . 30-40 hours a week

    The one thing that may get in the way every week is eating, sleeping, and anime
  • jahlonjahlon Member
    16-18 hours a day at launch.

    Throttle back to 12-14 hours after hitting level cap

    Throttle back again to 8 hours a day for several months
  • between D and E.
    and G at launch xdd
    going to be -Make Love, Not Warcraft-
  • im thinking of dropping some leave to play on the day it comes out and after ill do I in 2 days
  • arzosaharzosah Member, Braver of Worlds
    first couple weeks after launch I don't foresee getting much sleep
  • mcstackersonmcstackerson Member, Braver of Worlds
    My goal is between C and D ~20-40 a week. Might take some time off early on to get my character going.
  • sp0sp0 Member
  • sivannasivanna Member, Pioneer
    Do I need to factor in AFK time? Or time I spend doing game stuff not in game ( like spreadsheets for breeding)? I often have to get up for mom reasons and forget I left my game logged in..

    So somewhere between C and D
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