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[EU] The Compass | PvC & Exploration | For everyone who really wants to hone their craftsmanship!

DamoklesDamokles Member
edited May 11 in EU Guild Recruitment

Hello, step right in, my little tavern is always open for weary travelers.
Leave your coat to dry and sit down, drink with us and talk about what you have seen on your long and ardurous journey.
Forget about the troubles outside and eat a bite, the chef just finished todays supper.

What can we do for you, do you need help to find something?
Do you need some specialized armour or weapon? I think we can help you there.
Do you need some extravagant flask or potion? I know someone who can help you there!
None of the above? You need information about a specific area? Shure, let me call a friend and I think we can make a deal.

Me? Oh I am just a tavernkeep, but I also am a merchant from Compass. We know everyone for the right amount of coin.

What is Compass?
Compass is a pure PvE/PvC guild. PvC standing for Player vs Crafting. My goal is to creat a platform for merchants, craftsmen, gatherers and producers all over Verra to come together and make connections with each other.
You need a specific recipe about northern armour? Shure, I think George was from a northern town. You really need the marketprice for a specific fish in the middle nodes? Just ask around, one of us will have them surely, and for a bit of coin he might even tell them to you! The overarching goal here is to have at least one of us in each and every major node. Information exchange and trade is our A and O here in Compass!

Who are we interested in?
Everyone who wants to achieve anything in his specific field of expertise. No matter, if you want to be a jewelcrafter, blacksmith, alchemist, cook, scribe, animal trainer, miner, lumberjack, explorer or herbalist I welcome all of you. I also plan to put together at least one raid team in the later stages to acquire rare materials and ores for the guild. So dont think that we only want craftsmen ;D

What can you expect from us?
A hostility free work environment with strict behavioural policing. Jokes and fun are okay, but harrasment and bullying will be faced with expulsion. There will be no majour controll of your actions from us, but we expect you to cooperate with the other members. It is okay to hoard your specialized knowledge about your craft, but give new players some tips and tricks of the craft if you have the time.

~/~ Leader: Damokles (Discord ID: Damokles#2756) ~\~

~/~ Server: N/A Region: EU ~\~

~/~ Tag: [TC] ~\~

~/~ Other guilds: We are always happy to cooperate with PvE/PvP/PvX guilds. ~\~
~/~ Provide us the required materials and some coin, and we will pluck you the stars from the sky. ~\~

~/~ For contact please send Damokles a PM! ~\~


  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men
    I wish you and your guild the best of luck ^^

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • DamoklesDamokles Member
    Nagash wrote: »
    I wish you and your guild the best of luck ^^

    Thanks Nagash^^
  • ShazeShaze Member
    As always it's lovely to see new guilds forming for Ashes of Creation!
    We wish you and your guild the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in game.

    Additionally, please reach out to us if you require any assistance with logos/banners/graphics for your guild, we'd love to help out in any way we can!
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