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Hardcore PvX guild that specializes in large-scale PvP. Heavy server presence and leaderboards are our focus.
We require constant progression and end-game relevance. We push guild organization to its limits and offer top notch resources and tools. PvE content is cleared in order to PvP. We do NOT accept pure PvE players.
Our Discord is public, you're more than welcome to join our discord and speak to us.
We currently have over 70 Alpha 1 testers.

About Us
Checkmate is a Hardcore PvX guild. We believe that one cannot excel at PvP unless they are consistent in clearing PvE content. Efficiency, Organization and Respect are the core values that we are built upon. We require that our members constantly progress towards end game and stay relevant.

Regarding our history, we were one of the top guilds in Revelation Online under the name Ascendance (previously known as Resurgence). We understand that it is too soon for players to decide what guild they would like to join at launch, thus we welcome all interested applicants to join our discord server.

The best guilds perform exceptionally at launch due to the amount of information and knowledge they gather during the game's beta testing phases. As such we aim to be one of the above guilds to ensure we have the advantage over others.

What is Checkmate?
Checkmate is a Hardcore Guild focused on maintaining a heavy server presence in both PvP and PvE. That said, PvP is one of our core focuses as it helps us maintain server presence and achieve our objectives as a guild. We do not accept pure PvE players.

How involved does Checkmate plan to be in their server?
Expect to see our presence heavily across the server. We aim to be at the forefront of clearing content and to have our name inscribed in every place we can.

What are the requirements to join Checkmate?
We’re looking for players that are motivated and driven. We believe that one cannot excel at PvP unless they are consistent in clearing PvE content. Efficiency, Organization and Respect are the core values that we are built upon. What matters to us is that our members constantly progress towards end game and stay relevant.

How do you handle conflicts?
Our members are encouraged to record screenshots/videos/chat logs regarding any sensitive incident that takes place so that we may review it and appropriately handle the situation.

What actions result in being kicked?
Often the primary reason for being kicked is due to them tarnishing the Guild’s image, be it via public trash talk or by going against what we stand for. Other reasons include members simply being a dick, going against the raid leader’s shotcalls, sharing or leaking important information relating to Guild events and finally - hacking or cheating.

What is your stance on trash talking?
We are firmly against public trash talk of any form. At Checkmate we believe in building a good reputation for ourselves, as such, when you carry the name of the guild or our Tag/Insignia, you represent us and what we stand for. Chat has a tendency to get heated with insults being thrown around all over the place. As a member of Checkmate under no circumstances are you to lash back at people that are insulting you in any public chat (World chat/Region chat/Battleground chat/etc.) Feel free to reply with a witty comeback, but trash talk is not allowed.

That said, what happens in PM’s stays in PM’s.

What are your rules regarding streaming?
- Discord/Teamspeak voice comms should NEVER be streamed, especially during guild content. Set up an audio mixer to prevent this from taking place. Exception being regular play/dungeons/non-guild content, for these use the respective stream channels so people are aware that you are streaming.
- Chatbox should be covered at all times. (Chat box covers can be found in the google drive)
- Ensure that you inform the people in the voice room that you are streaming.
- Streams must have a 20 min delay for Guild-content involving Raid-leads/Shotcallers. (Castle Sieges, Open world PvP, etc)
- If you're found to be the cause of a stream snipe, it will result in an instant termination from our roster.

Why the strict streaming rules?
To prevent stream sniping. Anyone can clip twitch streams and pass them around. Be very careful of what you say and what carries over onto stream. We’ve spent years establishing good PR, we have no intention of letting a single person’s idiocy ruin our hard work. Contact Shaze for queries/info.

Our Focus:
» Large Scale PvP. Castle Sieges. Node Wars.
» Pushing guild organization & management to its limits.
» We strive to be at the top amongst other competitive guilds.
» Diplomacy is our strongsuit. Objective based PvP, not griefing.
» Information and knowledge regarding AoC is key to our success.

What we offer:
» Experienced Leadership.
» Self-coded Discord Bots.
» Static-based PvP Roster.
» Focused Crafting Divisions.
» Web API-based Market Hub.
» Custom-coded Raiding tools.
» Fully Automated infrastructure.
» A well built, established roster.
» In-depth Guides and Resources.
» Integrated Discord - Sheets API.
» Interactive Community Projects.
» Organized Content (PvP and PvE).
» Healthy, Constructive environment.
» Like spreadsheets? We've got spreadsheets.
» A tiny portion of our guild is reserved for crafters.
» Full features list and breakdown on our website

Our Requirements:
» PvP Mandatory - Heavy PvP presence across the server.
» Level Rush - Commitment to rush towards the level cap.
» No Bullshit - Dont waste our time and we wont waste yours.
» Mandatory Comms - Microphone + Voice chat is compulsory.
» Be Mature - Stay Open-Minded. Drama is frowned upon.
» Active - Character progression + Attend in game events.
» Non-Toxic - Public Trash talk will not be tolerated.
» Good PR - Maintain good public relations/appearances.
» Discord Primary - Able to speak English and follow commands.


Why Discord?
We've integrated our spreadsheets and bots to work with Discord to ensure a simple yet effective method of management. Our members are able to adjust their data across our spreadsheets via integrated bot commands within Discord. No messy permissions or confusing edits. The above combined with our in-house coded Discord Bots lets us provide our members with an array of tools to better enjoy their experience.

Besides the above, Discord lets us manage an active roster and is an alternative to the traditional forums as it lets us host both text and voice channels for our members. It plays an important role in our guild as it is available on both PC and Android, thus allowing us to stay in touch with our community. An optional Teamspeak server is available for static groups that need it.

Updating spreadsheet data via simple discord commands:


What if I don't fit the Hardcore description?
We understand that people have lives and cannot invest ridiculous amounts of hours into a game. What matters to us is that you, as a player, progress towards end game. (Be it in the form of gearing up, clearing content, etc.) If you’re a Semi-hardcore player and are interested in joining us, reach out to us on Discord and talk to us. We’re willing to make exceptions under certain circumstances. As for crafters, we’ve got a few dedicated slots set aside for you. Understand that this is a position of importance as we’ll be relying on you to excel at your profession to provide our members with high quality gear.

Community Projects:
We consistently work towards building projects for the community, our biggest venture yet being The Ashes Post. This is a site created to function as a platform for content creators that strive to provide the best content for Ashes of Creation. Our work ranges from in-depth guides, articles, resources to helping streamers and content creators with logos, banners and overlays. You can find more details regarding this project on it's official forum thread.


AoC Content created by us:
» Alpha 1 Battle Royale Guide
» Battle Royale Tier List
» Guild Showcase Video
» Ashes Lore Timeline
» Updated list of AoC Classes
» Updated Release Timeline
» Apocalypse FAQ list + Known Bugs



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    Checkmate Management | EU | The Ashes Post
  • BelewynBelewyn Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix
    @shaze with the quickness on that post, wow man!
  • KalezKalez Member
    Checkmate is a great guild full of great people.

    come check out our discord! look forward to seeing you there
    Never claim to be something you are not
  • ShazeShaze Member, Phoenix Initiative, Explorer
    Belewyn wrote: »
    @shaze with the quickness on that post, wow man!

  • MavenMaven Member
    I was here
    #1 Keyboard Warrior of EU/NA/Asia/Antarctica, dont @ me, ill end u lmao
    :p looking for sugar momma
  • ZiiZii Moderator, Member
    Awesome guild, very organised and great at producing content and guides! Lovely people to chill with also. <3

  • hethiamhethiam Member
    10/10 Guild would join again
  • Best people, friendly and kind!
  • CrocosCrocos Member, Braver of Worlds
    Super friendly & organised guild. If you are looking for a serious guild, this is one of the good ones.
  • SanaSana Member
    Honestly one of the best guilds i have been in. The dedication that gets put into the guild by all the members and especially the leading staff is astonishing.
  • DeeDee Member
    Better than my RL family.
  • eXmieXmi Member, Leader of Men
    edited April 11
    Super nice guild, immediately felt welcome. Looking forward to joining Ashes of Creation with all these incredible people.
    Random fun fact: Shaze is the fastest typist in the AoC community, maybe even the world, don't believe me? Check out the livestream transcriptions he did on the fly https://www.ashespost.com/

    Source: Dude trust me
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  • AsunaAsuna Member, Founder, Warrior of Old
    Here we are again (:
  • oexeoexe Member
    edited April 11
    ''hardcore'' yikes
  • DemetriSlavicDemetriSlavic Member, Braver of Worlds
    Well run guild looking to play AOC at the top level
  • Sanity0Sanity0 Member
    Happy to be here :)
  • Here we go
  • KalezKalez Member
    Belewyn wrote: »
    @shaze with the quickness on that post, wow man!

    you suck up
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  • FawkedFawked FinlandMember
    #1 EU - no competition

    Thanks bye.

    Checkmate #1 Player | EU | God Complex
  • ketsoketso Member, Braver of Worlds
    11/10 guild, very tasty.
  • ceiventceivent Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix
    @Shaze tbh, without your transcripts, i would've wasted a lot of time watching YouTube. Your hands are literately GodSpeed.
  • Fawked wrote: »
    #1 EU - no competition

    Thanks bye.

    Nice middle alignment nr. #1 Fawked
  • Sanity0Sanity0 Member
    @Kalez nice signature. B)
  • FawkedFawked FinlandMember

    Checkmate #1 Player | EU | God Complex
  • This guild is Kawaii.. Shaze is kawaiiiii. <3
    I'm just a human, dang!
  • ShazeShaze Member, Phoenix Initiative, Explorer
    ceivent wrote: »
    @Shaze tbh, without your transcripts, i would've wasted a lot of time watching YouTube. Your hands are literately GodSpeed.

    Glad you like our work!
  • EtsuEtsu Member
    edited April 11
    Great guild, Been here for 3 years +-

    • Always good organized u can tell people put allot of effort into it.
    • Always Info about the game before release so u can prepare on a very nice way to be ahaed of the curve.
    • Nice people everyone is being themselves and no one really cares which is great!
    • People will take your feedback seriously if you have a valid reason for it.

    I played manny MMO's been in allot of guilds even now i play games with other guilds but you always notice flaws and things that bother you with Checkmate i don't have that.

    Recommended if you make it past Trials u will have a great time in the guild so give it your best shot.

    If you do put me down on discord to 10% don't tell me i did not warn you <3
    Checkmate #1 Loudest player | EU
  • inv0keinv0ke Member
    edited April 11
    They promised me cake still waiting >.< maybe one day
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