Where can I see my Pioneer package?

teartear Member, Pioneer
I'd like to know if i succesfully claimed my pioneer package on this account, is there a way to see it?


  • belewynbelewyn Moderator, Member, Avatar of the Phoenix
  • teartear Member, Pioneer
    Theres nothing there, and my kickstarter code doesnt work.. Is there a way to fix this?
  • jahlonjahlon Member
    1) Has it been more than 48 hours since you logged into the new account management site for the first time?

    If No - > wait until it has been 48 hours (it takes some time for the database to pull your info)
    If Yes -> Move to 2

    2) Have you checked Inventory -> Other for a line item that says you have a kickstarter package?

    If its not there then...

    3) Put in a ticket.
  • teartear Member, Pioneer
    Thanks Jahlon, that might be the issue!
    I will wait 48 hours thank you very much
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