I just purchased Beta 2 to find out all the servers are down. When will they be back up ?

How often are the servers down and when will they be back up ? I just paid $75 to play this amazing looking game and I cannot.


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    alpha 1 2 and beta 1 2 are yet to be announced and APOC ( br + castle siege + horde mode) should be rdy 'soon'. so at the moment there is nothing to play
  • JahlonJahlon Member
    You actually paid $75 to play the MMORPG.

    The servers that are currently not up are for APOC.

    The MMORPG has yet to even reach Alpha 1, so you have probably, a year (give or take)
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  • leonerdoleonerdo Member, Settler
    This seems like kinda a big issue... I think they need a slightly more visible FAQ. An FAQ does exist, but it's not the easiest to find. I would think that "When is this game available?" is a worthy bit of information to put on the front-page, or at most one link away.
  • sylsyl Member
    It was known that Beta 2 is ways off (logically very close to launch). I suggest following the Discord for a while before making more purchases, especially for big purchases such as yours.

    Intrepid will reach out when the servers will go online again.
    Come take a look at ashesofcreation.wiki!
  • Is the information about this really that hard to find/see? I haven't looked, as i kind of know what state it is in
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Leader of Men
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    It is more of an impatience thing is my guess. You go to the site and choose Apoc. It has a big shiny DOWNLOAD NOW button saying Beta is active. They download it and can't get in. So they go to the mmo page and see GET EARLY ACCESS and think they have to buy a pack with beta access.

    Steven had an answer last year about how they have a window of acquisition for new players. One of the driving factors behind APOC was that it would funnel people into the mmo. Guess they haven't counted on the number of people that will look at the current actions, consider them dodgy, and never come back. Also the lack of an uninstaller seems to piss lots of people off too.
  • RokoRoko Member, Braver of Worlds
    imo both parties are at fault. As USE mentioned above, Intrepid should be clearer with separating Apoc from those packages in the site. True they have been clear communicating in videos, interviews, and discord. But not on the Website which tbh is the first place everyone lands before even going for information anywhere else.
    The other side of the coin is also true, I can't understand how someone can be so quick to pay 75$ for a Game he knows nothing or at least is still confused about.
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