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What system would you like to see in crafting?



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    DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited June 2019
    kriin wrote: »
    One of my favorite crafting profession in Wurm Online was cooking. If all of of AoC crafting professions where like this I would love it. You had about 100 of ingredients and about a dozen or so utensils that you can experiment with to craft and discover 100's of recipes including more complex ingredients.

    Some examples:
    When you combine a few ingredients in a pan you might get some text saying "this looks like it could use more liquid" , "how about adding some carrots" or "this looks like it will make something, try putting it in the oven." Its all about trying things out. Other professions could have a similar system.

    Another Idea I had is a bit different.
    Lets say youre a bowyer. Their could be a few different areas that youre leveling. Each area increases the base stats on the final product. The material used also adds to the base stats of the final product (not to be confused with the knowlege of using it). Not all professions will use this. The areas to level are:
    - Wood Working (overall knowledge of wood in general)
    - Bow String Making (overall knowledge of string making)
    - Material Type (knowledge of that particular material)
    - Bow making (overal knowledge of bows making in general)
    - Bow Type (knowledge of making that particular type of bow)

    As you progress it will be harder to level in each one, specaily when working with a perticular type. This way there isnt really a level on class but in areas. I Hope im making sense.

    I really like the idea, especially the cooking one. That sounds really interesting!
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    Think Kriins idea is decent. Those who like to roleplay and find out recipes can, and those who care for level can just google the recipes
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    ailericaileric Member
    edited June 2019
    Some great options have already been implemented in previous games. I am strongly of the opinion that if only someone would take the best elements from previous works and integrate them, you would have the one game to slay them all. Much like Mr Eddings knocked off fantasy characters to make one of the best fantasy book series of all time... but I digress.

    1) SWG materials - variable quality materials (rated on 0-1,000 out of 1,000 across several parameters) meant that resources of high quality were extremely sought after. They also spawned for a week or two and then disappeared. This made finding the high grade high quality resources a lot of fun, and would gave the potential for conflict leading to PvP. Having the highest quality mats to make gear meant you could make gear with slightly higher stats than anyone else. This is a great incentive for crafters. Here's a link showing the mat stats for the SWG emulator server:

    2) SWG bio-engineering - per crafting in Bio-Eng was a complete unknown. People had to discover what combinations worked and what the results were. Having a bit of mystery in the system (and the secrets were highly guarded) makes it a heck of a lot more intriguing. Having everything be a standard formula with a standard result, give or take a bit of RNG, is lazy programming and boring AF.

    3) Vanguard crafting minigame - in Vanguard (and some other MMOs) crafting is a battle against the crafting machine. Errors would pop up and you could pre-load some materials to overcome them. The higher your skills and stats, the less errors you'd get and the easier you could overcome them. There was also gear with bonus crafting stats on them, so having good gear aided in the crafting process, much like better gear helps in PvE or PvP.

    Those are the three ideas that have persisted in my memory, but I am sure there are other good ones.

    PS> Another good idea in SWG was the ability to dye crafted clothing as part of the process to add that personalised touch.
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    MorashtakMorashtak Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    3) Vanguard crafting minigame - in Vanguard (and some other MMOs) crafting is a battle against the crafting machine.

    You were also limited to the amount of tools you could have immediately available which was a turn off to me. The limitation made little sense (only three tools in "toolbox" but need four because reasons). The mini game was... "fine".

    AoC could have a similar system with limitations with better logic - Low grade tools (all available at all skill levels and upgrade-able), low grade refining and crafting stations (upgrade-able), and low skill creates simple items. The mini game aspect could be kept otherwise.
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    consultantconsultant Member
    edited July 2019
    Would just like to see a system that is not to overly repetative and one were every player does not have every recipe so rare recipes required.

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    Just in general a crafting which doesn't hide all best stuff behind boss fights. It's such a narrowminded design and waste of a game potential to hide everything behind bosses and not give people a chance to experience other ways of progression tough game while using crafting.
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    I dont care.
    As long as materials are a driving economy force along with gear, and as long as crafting requires sacrifices to combat gameplay Im happy.
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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    akabear wrote: »
    I would like to see some of the highest tier of crafting somewhat gated behind effort.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance made some crafting (alchemy) quite a considerable effort and thereby it became only those who made the effort would reap the rewards.

    I would like to see something similar (not necessarily the same method) such that the meta of the highest tier was not easily obtained and lets to a limited supply on the market and those that make the effort become by default of the scarcity appropriately rewarded.

    I agree.

    Highest quality stuff shout it be obtained by the best and most dedicated crafters. I'm a big advocate of time in, results out kind of reward system.
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    AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I would like to see the bulk of what bosses drop be crafting materials instead of armor and weapons. If bosses drop gear it should be gear that is visible on their model, and anything else they drop should be high quality crafting materials.
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    DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    arzosah wrote: »
    I would like to see the bulk of what bosses drop be crafting materials instead of armor and weapons. If bosses drop gear it should be gear that is visible on their model, and anything else they drop should be high quality crafting materials.

    "Loot tables
    Mobs and Bosses will drop Gold, Items and Crafting Ingredients based on the type of mob or boss.
    For example, a wolf will not be carrying a sack of gold. It may instead drop pelts that can be traded for gold or used in crafting of armour.

    -loot tables will favour crafting materials as opposed to trash items
    -the developers intend to implement/test dynamic loot tables during the testing phases

    Gatherers have the ability to 'spoil' a boss loot
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    AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I knew about that for normal mobs, I guess I missed the boss part of that.
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    CROW3CROW3 Member
    I want crafting to be a challenge, and have an appropriate scale-benefit as a reward for focusing on being a crafter. I thought FFXIV got some of this right. While I hated the overall game, I did think EQ2 had an interesting direction on crafting as part skill part RNG mini-game.

    Brass tax direction: If I make a lot of things from wood, I want to be a decent carpenter with rare moments of awesomeness. If I make only composite long bows, I want to be amazing at making epic composite long bows at the cost of sucking at other carpentry projects.
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    KovrmKovrm Member
    There was a game years ago, I think around 2007 or so.. It ended up going under before it was ever released. Can't remember the name... anywho!

    It had seasons, day/night cycles, weather, and astronomy that all affected the outcome of crafted items. Location also played a part, if I remember correctly.

    An example would be something to the effect of, say, crafting a 2h Axe during the winter, would yield stats in favor of say frost/cold damage. But, then you would also factor in the weather, the constellation/sign it was crafted under, whether it was crafted during night or day, and where you made it; like on a mountain, or in a cave, etc. The same factors could be used across all crafting professions, ofc.

    Again, it's all super hazy, but I remember being super intrigued by their crafting system. It would most definitely take time, and likely be very difficult to implement so many factors into AoC (or any game for that matter); but with some of the other ideas you all have tossed around, I think it would make for a very diverse crafting system with some pretty unique outcomes.

    Also, this is my first post! Been lurking/following the game for a while now. Love the ideas and plans for it. Sounds like it will be stunningly killer if they can pull it off.
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    neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited July 2019
    I want gathering and production professions to feel very different. I like the runescape xp system but only for gathering, but would like to see normalized xp for production (normalized to the amount & tier of materials used). I don't think being forced to endlessly produce whatever you can for xp is fun (people will mass produce one thing out of convenience or efficiency). This will flood the market with mass supply and unless the breaking rate of gear is tuned to meet it, there won't be enough demand for it to keep the economy interesting.

    I want production to not be dependent on repetitive creation. "Leveling up" production should place very little emphasis on repetition. People should feel incentivized to create what is in demand by the economy or what they/their guild needs so I think it would be nice if the xp you gained in production was normalized to the resources you use. As contrast, in WoW you would focus on making the least material heavy item over and over leading to absurd supply with zero demand. Items were vendor trash and you felt stingy about your materials to make anything other than the most efficient. If xp was normalized for materials, people would be free to make what they/the economy wants. I like multi-step creation with long creation times. Creating a piece of armor shouldn't take 5 seconds if you have all the materials. It should take a while with perhaps mini-games or challenges at each step that may influence the quality of the gear. In general I think production should feel fast in terms of progression of what you can make, but the quality of your items be dependent on the quality of your materials and your ability to do well in the mini-games etc. This way even novice crafters can participate in the broader economy and not be restricted to making iron daggers but a master crafter would still create something far superior and valuable in terms of quality & stats.

    Skill-based variability in produced gear should increase with tier of item. What I mean by that is that the best and worst iron dagger possible should be very similar while the best and worst mithril 2h sword should be very different in stats. The higher the tier of craftable item, the more room individuals should have to distinguish their craft from one another. More importantly though, a new blacksmith should still feel capable of participating in the economy because a master crafted iron dagger won't be that much better than theirs, therefore not that much more expensive, therefore the master crafter would not have that much incentive from an economic standpoint to invest in making iron daggers.

    We already have SWG style variable material qualities confirmed which is nice. I also believe tiers of gatherable materials are confirmed which require an appropriate tier tool to extract. Also love it, I found the lack of this last point in no man's sky to be super boring, there was no progression to motivate me to upgrade anything really.

    I like Kriin's cooking example. I normally hate "discovery" based crafting where your materials are wasted e.g. skyrim. I end up forsaking discovery for greed and focus on saving my materials and just find some online resource to do what is already discovered. If the xp gain or material loss was more forgiving like described (e.g. where you are helped along), I would love discovery-based systems :).

    I also love the idea of season, weather, time of day etc impacting the crafting result that Kovrm described. Especially because I'm a big fan of multi-step long turnaround production times. If you can prepare and pump out 20 bow strings when conditions are optimal for +fire damage or w.e then use them as you see fit when you have the other pieces ready that would be pretty damn cool. My only reservation with having things like SWG variable quality materials and other ways of adding variability into production is that people will have a million variable quality crafting things to store.
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    SoulsOnFireSoulsOnFire Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    I also like the idea of taking more time and multiple steps before completing a piece of armor. Mini-games to improve armor are interesting but there are negatives as well.

    I don't mind doing something for 1000 times as long as the reward is there. I'd like to see some sort of emote / emblem / magical aura / .. so you can see someone is really good at crafting just by looking at them. If someone crafts 100k potions it can't just be about the money.
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    CaerylCaeryl Member
    In addition to the multipart, or minigane system for crafting, I’d very much like to have highly focused artisan classes (ie your character can be a blacksmith or a botanist, which have access to general crafting recipes from those disciplines) then from there they branch into specific crafts. A blacksmith into an armorer or a goldsmith, a botanist into an herbalist or a farmer. Possibly allowing for changing occupations into an aspect of the same general discipline, but I don’t believe that’s necessary with alts being options to widen the scope of your crafting potential.

    Something like that I believe would make crafting more valuable. The problem with crafting in most other MMOs is that everyone is allowed to master everything if they choose, meaning crafting was never really something you would reach out to other players for unless it took a ridiculous amount of time to advance or required RNG based aspects that made it unappealing.
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