[EU] - Valhalla [PvX] [Semi-Hardcore]

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Guild size: Medium
Guild occupation: PvX
Language: English
Discord link: https://discord.gg/v2fwtwx


Guild Fair Video

Priding ourselves on our northern ancestors. Valhalla is the place fit for true viking warriors. Whether you be guzzling down mead and telling stories of your adventures or slaying mythical creatures and plundering cities, there is room for you in the halls of the gods.

The guild focuses primarily on creating a collaborative environment between PvE and PvP players, through efforts that require both parties to participate. This way we hope to build a strong and social community with the capability to work alongside one another to overcome the dangers of the worlds we seek to travel in.

We are currently only recruiting members for the upcoming game Ashes of Creation. If you are interested in joining us, please answer the form down below:

Form: https://forms.gle/f1YcyD1u3FmmTnUR8

1 Fill out the application form
2 Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you and inform you on whether or not you've been accepted as a trial member
3 You will then need to stay within the guild for 2 weeks
4 If you during those two weeks have remained active and have not broken multiple rules, you will become a full time member of the guild

18+ - We do not accept members under the age of 18
Guild events - You must be willing to participate in major events that the guild takes part in. We understand that people have preferences when it comes to PvP and PvE, but difficult tasks are much easier to overcome if we have a larger number of people participating.
Discord - Discord is our primary way of socializing and organizing events, therefor it is mandatory
Headphones Required - Having a microphone is not mandatory, but recommended. We understand that not everybody is comfortable speaking English or with other people in general, but we need for people to be able to hear callouts during PvE and PvP events.
Maturity - We don't encourage drama or negative behavior. Treat others with respect.
English Mandatory - We are an English speaking guild. In the future, depending on the demand, we may create channels specific for certain languages, but we do not want to split our playerbase.
Active - Whether it be on the discord or in-game, we need for our members to stay active in order for the guild to best function.

Feel free to come join us any time you like!


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