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BehagueBehague Member
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Welcome to Enoa

"Empyreans need only apply"
Wanting to join a Guild exclusively for fellow Empyreans?
Around 30 - 50 members needed to take advantage of the Guild skill options
Help us develop Science and Divine nodes
Sunday - Friday evenings and casual times on Saturdays
No previous MMO experience necessary
Discord to come once Alpha dates are announced
Leave a message below if interested


  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men
    All ways nice to meet another Elven guild.

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • BehagueBehague Member
    edited August 2019
    Thank you Nagash
    Hopefully we are helping to progress the same node(s)
    I'd very much like to see an Empyrean Metropolis
  • Welcome Behague! Glad to have another OCE guild on board. Will hopefully catch you in the upcoming Apoc testing!
  • Thank you Atheto,
    I'm looking forward to it, though have not played an MMO in some time.
    Here's hoping I can hold my own.
  • Well I would certainly be interested as well. I love gaming in different regions.
  • BehagueBehague Member
    edited January 3
    Now that we have a Map, we will be looking at entering through the South East Divine Gateway. During Alpha and Beta, hopefully a Scientific Node is found, so during launch we can get started on that.
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