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Known Issues - August 20 Play Test

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This spot is reserved for our Known Issues list heading into our August 20 play test! As you help out with our upcoming limited test session, please keep these Known Issues in mind:
  • Some players may get stuck with a white screen while loading into a match - this is being worked on as a high priority issue.
  • Adding someone to your party auto-queues you for Duos, which is not currently available during this play test. Please leave your party and queue for Solos (or Squads when it's available).
  • Users who have not properly installed the Unreal 4 prerequisite files may encounter a "System Error" while installing the game client. If this occurs, please run the file named UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe located at <Steam Folder>\Ashes of Creation APOC\WindowsClient\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us
  • Some graphical issues may be experienced with the character model while previewing mounts in the lobby shop.
  • On rare occasions players may encounter a blank lobby on their very first login. This can be resolved by clicking on the options menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Players may experience some issues with in-game voice chat, specifically in regards to hearing other group members.
  • The ping display in the “Regions” section of the lobby may display a high/inaccurate ping number until the player clicks the refresh button.
  • Users running a 4:9 resolution may experience some issues with overlapping UI elements in the lobby.
  • Specific error messages are not being displayed for purchase errors (right now users will encounter a generic “Purchase Error” message).
  • The new UI section for the hot bar in a standard match has some display issues, primarily with the borders around the icons for item abilities.
  • Players may experience a slight delay when summoning a horse.
  • Players may continue to see some performance issues while entering a match due to the ongoing optimization of clouds (sky) during the deployment process.
  • Players using Windows 7 will encounter problems attempting to close the game client with Alt+F4 or through the Task Manager.

If your bug isn't included on this list, please search the forums to ensure someone else hasn't already posted it, then use this helpful guide to share more details!
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