[NA] Wolf Pack | PvX | Casual and Hardcore welcome!

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Greetings, Travelers!

Wolf Pack has been around longer than MMORPGs have existed. Our core group was formed in the real world over 30 years ago, coming together to play LARPs like SCA and Amtgard. We've managed to stay together so long because of our core belief that having a good time always comes first-- not politics, religious beliefs, or other petty dividers.

Our online presence has moved between many MMOs including (but not limited to) Meridian '59, Ultima Online, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR, Final Fantasy, and Elder Scroll Online. At this time, our members are spread across various games as no single MMO offers what we're all looking for; but we're expecting Ashes of Creation to change that.

Many of us have purchased the Braver of Worlds Kickstarter package, so we're in this for the long haul.

Our mission in Ashes of Creation is to determine what role best fits our guild dynamic (based on how many members we have at Launch, and the majority objective those members seek to accomplish: Economy, Religious, Scientific, or Military). Once that has been decided (much closer to Launch, obviously), we'll be hitting the game hard to take over a Node and build it as quickly and efficiently as possible. And then... hang on for dear life.

We place no restrictions, or expectations, on our members in regards to playstyle. If you want to spend all your time Crafting, then do so. Want to be part of a PvP team? We'll have it. The only restriction we have to place here (due to the mechanics of Ashes of Creation) is that each member must belong to our home Node. Other than that, do what you find enjoyable and know that the rest of us are here to support you.

We look forward to playing with you (or against you!) at Launch. Have fun, and run wild!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Yg2PsGt
Contacts: Raggnar (Guild Alpha), Rabbit (Me!), or Ny'katia (She Who Wields The Ban Hammer)


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