My Gpu is on Fire ?

Im Just in the Main Menu or in the Log in Menu of the game And its already Burning My GPU. Thats Not normal i got nothing up except APOC on steam. Closed it because i was Afraid it will burn my whole house down, now its stable.


  • is it a potato computer?
  • It may be :#
  • Magic Man wrote: »
    is it a potato computer?

    No its 1080 Ti and i played a lot of alpha like this but in main menu ?? im just logging in hahahaha
  • AuronAuron Member, Braver of Worlds
    My GPU usage is also 100% right now while patching.
  • argentdawnargentdawn Member, Braver of Worlds
    Cap your frame rate and it's load should even out.
  • FlareFlare Member, Founder
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    thankfully i found this post before my gpu exploded

    but i wonder why it even needs so much gpu for a menu?
  • sylsyl Member
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    Yes, a lot is happening on the main menu, therefore the GPU is doing its work. Your GPU should not explode, its fans may rotate a bit but nothing major.

    I'm getting 90-97% GPU usage in the main menu with the flappy bird, and that's with a 1070.
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    Come take a look at!
  • Yeah, this can't be normal. Never seen GPU load like this in a game. I've capped framerate at 30, set everything else to "Low"... same issue. Can play ESO with medium settings and the fans never even whistle.
  • The gtx 10 series is 3 y old. 1080 ti and 1070 are not what they used to be. How many alphas had unreal engine 4?
    I can't believe ppl don't have basic knowledge on PC's and how they should work. You all are a scammers dream.
  • Like I said, it's not bad to have a GPU doing its work.
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