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The screen partly froze during my first game

WeoloWeolo Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
I joined my first game, landed, looted a shield, saw a player and chased them into a building. I jumped through a window, killed the player by swinging my sword and then activated my shield ability just as they died. I started quickly looting the items which dropped on the ground. Spinning the camera etc. Halfway through doing this my character stopped moving. I could not move, I could not use any keys, I could not click any menus, I could not do anything, the screen seemed frozen. Oddly enough the fireplace in the background was the only thing still animating.

Bug Reproduction Steps
Start a game, quickly loot items? Unsure at this point as it happened in my first game.

Expected Result
The game not to freeze or get stuck in any way.
That I can loot without the game freezing.

Bug Report - Actual Result
There was no error message, there was no more information to gather.
Everything was running fine and smooth up to this point.
I had to force close the whole game.


  • Similar issue, but not on my first game.
    1) I had just changed all video settings from High to Epic and turned on Vsync
    2) Joined game. After the Gryphon dropped me off I started running for the edge of the circle on the map. Just as I was reaching the edge of the circle the game froze. I could still hear the ambient sounds of the game, and one time I heard someone running nearby before I was dropped to the Lobby.
  • bluesmokebluesmoke Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Game froze for me as well.
    I had just killed a player and was looting inside a house when everything froze.
    I needed to Crt+Alt+Del to recover.
  • AxarAxar Member, Intrepid Pack
    Game froze in random parts without apparent reason. When I had in-game fps visible it went up to around 200 fps, ambient sounds still playing.
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