Known Issues - Early Access Testing

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This spot is reserved for our Known Issues list heading into Early Access! As you help out with our upcoming testing, please keep these Known Issues in mind:
  • Attempting to invite a friend, remove them, and re-invite them will prevent the invited player from seeing a second friend invitation notification.
  • Users on widescreen resolutions (21:9 or similar) may notice some stretching issues on the launcher and loading screens.
  • Very long player names may have sizing issues on the lobby friend list.
  • Players may return to the lobby after a duos or squads match with the 'No Fill' option unintentionally selected.
  • Certain screen resolutions will notice a graphical error in the settings section.
  • Certain screen resolutions will encounter an issue with screen cut-off in the Default Mappings section.
  • An interaction prompt may be displayed when you defeat an enemy for a short period of time.
  • Experience gained within a match will not be displayed properly by the in-game match stats screen if you are the first place winner.
  • Tip #22 is now inaccurate as jumping no longer consumes stamina.

If your bug isn't included on this list, please search the forums to ensure someone else hasn't already posted it, then use this helpful guide to share more details!
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