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  • DarakrisDarakris Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2021
    Will you add features to share your house, decorate?
  • TeylouneTeyloune Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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    Most of this text is just context to the questions. You can find this context below the questions.
    You can find the source of the information that lead to these question in the spoiler at the end of this post in form of a 1 minute long video clip on YouTube.

    1. "The Elves that exist within the Underrealm of Verra, what do they call themselves?"
    2. "What made them go into the Underrealm and what are they doing there?"
    3. "Are they part of the Tulnar or do they work together with them?"

    Lore context (from the big quote below):
    "Rumors do abound throughout the darker circles of Verra that there lies a particular lineage of Elves that exist within the Underrealm of Verra." - Steven during the 2018 Extra Life Pathfinder Campaign
    The Elven race is generally a secretive one and exists within the Pyrian kingdom. Primarily a patriarchal society, Elves tend to keep within the natural borders of their forests. It has only been over the past millennia that the Riverlands have begun to see colonies of Elves exist. Elven scholars, dignitaries and pioneers can often be found in many of the human cities: Though their presence is rarely seen in sites other than archaeological, academic or diplomatic. Rumors do abound throughout the darker circles of Verra that there lies a particular lineage of Elves that exist within the Underrealm of Verra.
  • Given the inability to provide servers or even proper timelines for EU during the launch of the early access of APOC, how will you tackle this problem with, which are already afiliated with these kind of issues, and regain trust in your comunity that you can provide a stable game not only for NA players?
  • StarkStark Member, Founder, Kickstarter

    Many other MMO's have weekly or daily content for players to log in and complete. While it's great to have things to do when you log on, often times these become tasks that you feel you need to keep up with - not something you enjoy doing. This makes games feel mundane and repetitive whether you log on daily or weekly.
    - - How does Intrepid plan on addressing this in Ashes of Creation? Thoughts? Feelings? - -

    - Anthony Stark
  • I heard a nasty rumor your thinking of removing headshots from the MMO, are you taking it out? Please dont ruin the action combat/ aim portion of the game. I understand you want to add tab targetting for the older crowd of mmo lovers. But the newer generation and my opinion plus alot of others. Aim based games nowadaysa is funner overall. So one of the first aim based mmos would be more appealing world wide to me than the Same old Tab target only.
  • How do you plan on implementing risk vs reward when it comes to pvp?
  • What happens if I am in the middle of a quest/quest line that is specific to a particular stage of a node and that node changes stages?
  • Almost a year ago you uploaded a video with 30 minutes of gameplay from the mmo. Do you consider to upload a video again this year where you show some gameplay again?
  • How do you plan to deal with engaging the playbase in the future? Basically radio silence since the early access release and thats the time you want to have someone answering questions to make sure everything is going smoothly. Games have lost their playerbase before launch for lack of engagement. TALK TO US
  • Will the main story quests be compulsory to gain XP and gear or will there be alternative ways to achieve those? For example, could I focus on exploring, killing mobs and engage in PvP without doing quests and still earn the same XP?
  • DaedelusDaedelus Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix, Kickstarter
    How far along are you in the following features of Apocalypse? Please be specific.
    1) Back-end Support for Castle Siege Mode/Horde Mode
    2) Class kits for Castle Siege Mode
    3) NPC creation/AI development for Horde Mode

    Are the class kits available in Castle Siege mode going to be the same for Horde mode? If different, how will they be different?

    Will the combat system in Castle Siege and Horde mode implement hybrid combat or just action?

    Are you currently planning to on-board new resources as soon as you move to the new building in November? Or are you planning to start the interview process once you're settled?

    When do you expect to have a developer walk through of the A1 environment similar to the A0 environment that has been done in the past?
    Daedelus, The Ashen Herald YouTube | Twitter
  • malgusmalgus Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    hello intrepid just curious about any update on a NA based server but with EU event times for the mmorpg.
  • Thank you all for submitting your questions - the submission period has now ended!

    We'll see you at 11AM PDT tomorrow for our live stream!
  • Wanted to ask if PvP rewards could be based per class. Like top 2 percent of mages get this reward and title. This way people would complain less about PvP game balance. Course would not affect tournaments but only a small number people do those. (This is repost but still real curious if something Ashes of Creation would consider)
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Would like to see gameplay footage
    Would also like to see a community UI design ideas/direction competition
  • Hi guys i would like to hear more about artisan classes like taming and animal husbandry and the role one plays to the other, as well as if animal husbandry does that just change the cosmetics of the animals as you breed them or does it change stats if stats are relevant. can you only breed mounts or can you also breed familiars for the summoner class to? will you need a certain type of caravan (such as a horse float type thing) when taming an animal to bring to the stables and you can you only tame one animal at a time to bring to a stable. sorry for all the questions and i'm sure this will all be answered later anyway but i thought i would ask and see if i get lucky. thanks so much guys and i think your doing a great job keep up the hard work.
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