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Combat effects are too much

pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
I enjoy combat effects in an MMO but, this isn't one. I find I often lose my target within the effects.

Toning them down 25% and getting feedback would be my suggestion.


  • NarysNarys Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Alpha One
    I do like the visuals but feel they could be toned down quite a bit - I'm hopeful this will happen as we move through development.
  • NotSoDarkNotSoDark Member
    edited September 2019
    I agree, sometimes I lose track of ppl cause of the effects.
    Either tone them down or camera angle wider, prefered camera angle 😜
  • BrigadoomBrigadoom Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    I Full heartedly agree. As person who enjoys pvp. I think reducing the visual effects by like 30% or more is a good idea. I lag horribly when in a 4v4 with zone almost closed because there are just too many effects happening at once.
  • The camera angle will be completely different in the MMORPG and I'm sure you'd be able to edit it. I do agree though ! The effects are, albeit pretty.. very very excessive. Some of the higher end spells or talents or whatever could have effects maybe 50% of what they are now. But if every ability in the MMORPG is looking like the ones in APOC that is going to be a pretty large problem. I'm sure they'll start listening to this feedback sometime . Hopefully !
  • @pyreal Those effects are already comfirmed to be tuned down for the mmo. In the BR they are supposed to do that and create openings.
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  • pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
    @grisu good to hear!
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member, Intrepid Pack
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