Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 11AM PST


Glorious Ashes Community!

Our next live stream will be Thursday, January 30 at 11AM PST! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

As we've been doing for our past several streams, we'd love to gather some questions from everyone to answer live! Please submit your question in the thread below, and we'll do our best to get to as many of them as we can on our live stream next week. In order to accommodate questions from more members of our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct/succinct the better! Submissions end Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 11AM PST so we can compile your questions before the stream.

We'll see you next Thursday for our development update live stream!


  • Can we please get some clarification on the world map, specifically how much of that 480 km² map is land and how much is water?

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    "Will there be emphasis on Visual Clarity as a core Design Principle in PVP for Ashes of Creation, many recent MMOs have over looked this very important aspect of gameplay. *cough* *cough* BDO"

  • caedwyncaedwyn Member
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    will there be surprising random encounters with epic beings that are part of the world and the only thing you can do is watch them and enjoy or ignore and move on?

    they exist simply because its a big and random fantasy world.
  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
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    Will there be large static cities (that cannot be sieged or destroyed) which can act like hubs for players and where we can meet, for example, some of the critical plot characters of Verra?
  • NarysNarys Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
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    In terms of healing will we see Archetypes to suit a variety of play styles? Some that are direct burst healing , others that are more heal over time, some damage mitigation healers and even some heal through damage hybrids?
  • myakumyaku Member
    What class has been your favorite to play so far and why?
  • JoselineJoseline Member
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    This is going to be weird question, so let me explain first:
    In most games, especially MMOs there are moments when you have to wait for something. Other players, a spawn, a buff, etc. I really enjoy it to zoom in on my own character and just look at them in those situations. Now a big part of why I do this instead of just tabbing out or going AFK is because I find my own character attractive and.. just like looking at them. I use a lot of time to make sure this character is attractive (and I can idenfitfy with them)

    Now to the question
    The skin texture and outfits in Apoc arent exactly what Id call attractive, will there be improvements, meaning how in depth will sliders in character creation be, how detailed and "clean" (or dirty) the skin will be, what outfits, etc to fit the players liking and how much are you going to focus on it?
  • Will there be ‘’clicking & waiting’’ for gathering (i.e clicking “gather” and waiting for a bar to fill) or will it be more interactive and in real time e.g the physical process of turning the camera towards the target and perhaps holding down a key or left click?
  • The Talking FishThe Talking Fish Member, Braver of Worlds
    Can you please provide more details on how fishing will work in Ashes? Will there be baits, lures, biome species, seasonal species (Winterfin / Summer Bass), time of day catches (Nightfin / Sun Perch) or catch rates, fishing pools (nodes) or open water fishing?
  • Do you have any plans on keeping players interested and playing Apoc after level 50? Like levels going over 50 or adding achievements like x amount of kills/dmg with a weapon for a skin.
  • Badger Tulnar when?
  • So we know that there are legendary weapons in Ashes of Creation that will be exceptionally rare and I love that concept. My question is, what are the chances of legendary spells being added into the game that are equally as rare as the items?
  • CareFreeCactusCareFreeCactus Member, Founder
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    Can a Summoner summon a Dragon or something similar if the proper class was picked and how big will this summon be?
    Not as a mount, just for combat.
  • botbot Member
    How viable will PvP be for gearing up? Such as playing arena or open world pvping for a currency that can be used to purchase special gear or valuable items within an arena shop that can make being a good pvper profitable enough to gear up?
  • teajankyteajanky Member, Braver of Worlds
    Is it possible to wield a sword with a book?
  • IshkaIshka Member
    Hello, could you tell us if the auto-attack will have an actual use in combat ? Some MMOs properly exploited its potential and others not. Can you explain how it will work ?
  • How early will the character creator be accessible?
    As soon as it is ready or do you have a will of launch it at a given time before release of the game ?
  • We were told that the system requirements for the game at launch will be around five year old hardware. Can you give us an estimation of the system requirements for playing at 1080p, 60 fps, on ultra settings?
  • You once said, that there will be open world battlegrounds.
    My question is: "Do open world dungeons count to open world battlegrounds or not?"
  • Caravan Components and Steeds: are all the parts going to be made by a Caravan Builder and if I have a Camel or Goat cosmetic will I need to get something other than a horse to place it on?
  • RockRock Member
    Will natural disaster type events happen with the weather system ? and if so will players be able to cause such events say with a summoning ritual like is needed for the siege golem or with special legendary items items such as from a world boss?
  • Lord AshbornLord Ashborn Member
    edited January 23
    As a mage, when using elemental skills, are we going to be able to use just single elemental skills such as fire based attacks and become a total Flame Mage? Or all ice based skills and become an absolute Frost Mage?
  • TresTres Member
    What systems / features are planned to be in the Alpha one test?
  • WololoWololo Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
    Will there be evade-frames (iframes) on dodge ?
  • With the PvE revolving around questing, do you have any plans to prevent it from taking away sandbox elements from the game?
  • xlangatangxxlangatangx Member, Braver of Worlds
    Talking water transit & no fast travel -

    What can I expect when travelling inter-continentally by boat? Water can be quite boring / featureless, and if travelling from one continent to another takes hours, how can we expect to occupy our time during travel?

    Looking forward to playing with you all soon in Castle Siege!
  • Will the adaptive AI be used on all the mobs so that they become more challenging and fun to deal with or will it be just for the dungeon/raid bosses?
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited January 23
    When can we expect to see other races? Hopefully more than just concept art.
    Formerly T-Elf

  • shintaroshintaro Member, Founder
    How is the development of the board game going? I am very excited about it.
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