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  • ChaoserChaoser Member
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    Can you confirm or deny that the current map that we got revealed to us shows a 1 to 1 representation of what it would look like in the game on release? (i.e. the presented orientation, shape of continents, landmarks...)
  • consultantconsultant Member
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    Well looks like only one processing profession and we have a three point system one for gathering two for procession and three for crafting does that mean there will be more procession professions when the game goes live.
  • DarakrisDarakris Member
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    Do you will have systems for married couples, per example, for be able to share the same house, or be able to decorate a house together? Happy new year.
  • Good morning, do you plan to use strategically located servers so that the entire North American region will enjoys a ping as low as possible, both the west coast and the eastern of United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Undead CanuckUndead Canuck Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are there any updates on the crafting systems (and do you have any videos?) in the game?
    Especially on the mechanics. We know you are working on it, but a more in-depth description of how we craft would be wonderful.
  • AoCFunAoCFun Member
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    Will there be daily quests, and if so, will they be "social"? It's so bad when daily quests turn into something like a second job: login - quest - offline. IMHO most of these intrusive and time limited quests bring the gameplay to nausea. Players must decide what to do, and such quests psychologically push them to complete.
  • Will guildhouses have parlour games and other tavern like systems?
  • ShadowVenShadowVen Member, Founder
    Because of the very limited "fast travel" capabilities, will crafting stations have the ability to be mobilized (moved), & if so, can they be placed anywhere in the world or only specific locations?

    Thanks again I.S. Keep up the great work =D
  • GilgameshGilgamesh Member, Braver of Worlds
    Can we expect more graphical fidelity improvements from what we've seen in APOC
  • RavudhaRavudha Member
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    Early videos show a mage dispelling the door to get in a dungeon and ranger revealing tracks for a quest. In these cases, are the class-specific utility skills a strict requirement to unlock certain content, or are there always ways around it?

    (Side note for IS: as a player, I don't mind it being a hard requirement and classes having unique, sought-after utility.)
  • Jahlon wrote: »
    consultant wrote: »
    Do you have anytid bits you want to share as far as professions in my case I like alchemy. And do you have a list of professions that are going to be in game so far.
    How much are professions going to impact our classes (perks).

    Gathering professions

    Processing professions
    Animal husbandry

    Crafting professions
    Armor smithing
    Jewel crafting
    Ship building
    Siege weapons
    Weapon smithing
    Artisan tools
    What weapons will each class be able to use and will the weapons change the skills?

    Eg. a mage with staff or a spellstone with a sword/shield.

    The same question for armor.

    Any class can use any weapon and any armor.

    That sounds cool, thanks for the answer, but what will be the differences between them?
    Will heavy armor have stats for strength and light armor for intelligence?
    Or will they have their own abilities like in Apocalypse?

    Do you know more about it?
  • RosthazarRosthazar Member
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    How's Intrepid handling the main story quests in Ashes - Will players have to travel around the Verra through a guided path or will it be more like ''wherever you go, you can experience the main story and it differs from place to place'' ? Basically how 'guided' we will feel as opposed to absolute freedom when doing quests.
  • swooxieswooxie Member
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    Roko wrote: »
    how far behind schedule is the development?

    Can't be behind if there is no schedule.
    Last thing we had was before 2020 but that's gone.
    Next thing is GDC so look towards that.
  • josvanjosvan Member, Pioneer
    Will the main storyline take the player all over the world of verra so all players will have to go to the same spot at some point to complete a certain quest or will it be localized by area of influence?
  • babymakinpoobabymakinpoo Member, Braver of Worlds
    Crafting and Skills Question:

    I love crafting in games and making my hard work pay off. I know there will be the caravan system for trading and homestead for crafting. These are all fascinating to me but to really keep me long term I have a concern.

    My question is: will there be benefits to crafting and preforming other skills in a way similar to Runescape, where leveling up that skill actually gives various benefits/things to strive for.

    Versus the only reason to level crafting is for gear then when expansions come its rinse and repeat. I am not an end game grinder. I am tired of the repeating grind just to raid. I want to make my own path and have fun/be rewarded for exploring other aspects of the game.
  • The legendary path for Apocalypse was only ment to last 8-12 weeks. What has happened since chapter 2 hasn't been released. It would proberly get people back to Apoc
  • Will I be able to freely roam around (like a nomad) and still get the sense of progression throughout the game? If I do so, will I feel left behind from other players?
  • SegomodSegomod Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will there be any kind of systems that encourage game play between friends. Example Vanguard had a brotherhood system that would share EXP between your friends even when offline. So if you were online doing stuff such as killing monsters to skin and were getting exp, that exp would be divided up by however many people were in the brotherhood to a maximum of 6.
    Additionally will there be card games that can be played with NPC's like a diplomacy system, or one similar to Final Fantasy in anyway.
  • Will the servers have a maximum number of players?
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  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Leader of Men
    @Flamerule 8-10k concurrent.
  • What about ?
  • NexlerNexler Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are we going to get crafting and gathering in the alpha 1 test
  • How many different kinds of weapons will there be? and are there going to be class specific weapons?
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Leader of Men
    edited January 28

    Any armor and any weapon can be used by any archetype with varying results.

  • algerwaterlowalgerwaterlow Member, Pioneer
    Due to some of the shortcomings in the development timeline for release, some of the MMO community has lost faith in this game and are hesitant in believing that the game will ever release. Do you have a plan to restore some of that faith in the community?

    Personally I believe a brief statement about the delay with a small explanation could do wonders in letting people know that you are listening and still working hard towards the development of this game. As a software developer I understand that delays exist and have to fend off my stakeholders quite frequently but my blunt honesty has kept me afloat in this environment. Please keep up the good work.

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  • Magic ManMagic Man Member
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    Hjerim wrote: »
    Will there be large static cities (that cannot be sieged or destroyed) which can act like hubs for players and where we can meet, for example, some of the critical plot characters of Verra?

    @Hjerim No, perhaps with an expansion. Once we arrive, Verra will be void of civilization with only 5 castles and ruins around. No static cities - what is built in Ashes can also be destroyed.

    Joseline wrote: »
    Now to the question
    The skin texture and outfits in Apoc arent exactly what Id call attractive, will there be improvements, meaning how in depth will sliders in character creation be, how detailed and "clean" (or dirty) the skin will be, what outfits, etc to fit the players liking and how much are you going to focus on it?

    @Joseline They are aiming for a BDO level character creator so expect many sliders.

    Tres wrote: »
    What systems / features are planned to be in the Alpha one test?


    Alpha-1 will test:

    Hybrid action/tab combat.
    Progression to level 20.
    4 playable races.
    Character creator.
    This may be released prior to Alpha-1.
    8 base archetypes.
    Portions of player housing.
    Portions of crafting/artisan classes.
    Nodes will be fully featured.
    Node progression to Village (Stage 3).
    This was previously stated to be Town (Stage 4).
    120 km2 of world map.
    This is 25% of the total world space.
    Social organizations.
    Name reservations.
    Merchant systems.
    Player trading.
    Two to three servers.
    1,500 concurrent server population.

    Talking water transit & no fast travel -

    What can I expect when travelling inter-continentally by boat? Water can be quite boring / featureless, and if travelling from one continent to another takes hours, how can we expect to occupy our time during travel

    @xlangatangx People won't be standing still on the ship as your marine class will allow you to manage and make sure that the journey is properly conducted. Some of the classes are gunnery, piloting, navigation
    and boat repair. Do note that you won't be alone in the open seas. There will be monsters such as Kraken as well as other players/pirates which adds to that Risk v Reward system

    crytiics wrote: »
    Will there be a music system where you can play your own instrument like in lotro or archeage? Would be great for roleplaying stuff

    @crytiics yes.

    Good morning, do you plan to use strategically located servers so that the entire North American region will enjoys a ping as low as possible, both the west coast and the eastern of United States, Canada and Mexico.

    @Lunadelmarw Yes. There will be a multitude of servers located throughout the various regions of the world.

    Subotai wrote: »
    Will guildhouses have parlour games and other tavern like systems?

    @Subotai Parlor games will be played in player-built taverns or in-node taverns. Some will be dice games, others will be card games; and some will be less savory.

    Gilgamesh wrote: »
    Can we expect more graphical fidelity improvements from what we've seen in APOC

    @Gilgamesh Yes, as it was stated multiple times, graphical fidelity will improve by a lot from what we see in APOC.

    Flamerule wrote: »
    Will the servers have a maximum number of players?

    @Flamerule Yes, each server is planned to have max 10k players but they said that number may increase.

  • tremtrem Member, Leader of Men
    Can I experience the same content as the big raiding guild even if I am a solo player?
    Would be mechanics be possible, like paying NPC mercenaries to help you clear a dungeon/raid?
  • dedanededane Member, Braver of Worlds
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    When are we getting the new referral page with the monthly sales, visits, conversion rate, total money owed, etc
  • leameseleamese Member, Braver of Worlds
    Part of the kickstarter was in depth economic metric and systems. Like the auction house, will we be able to see charts and use moving avareges and perhaps make trend lines on listed itels? See the price history?
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