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[Adventure] Quest Giver Bluff

Quest Giver Bluff
(( A RP adventure where I direct the story and you try to survive! ))

The town of Honeyhill sat perfectly between the East and West coast Metropolises. The Black Bear Tavern would serve ale, mead, and wine to all kinds of adventurers because of this. Weary merchants, craftsmen, and mercenaries would stop here along their way. You are one such traveler, stopping just long enough to enjoy whatever makes you happy. Then, the laughing crowd and jaunty bard songs cease when an Elf bursts through the door.

"Everyone! Please, listen to me!" He shouts out at the crowd. "A terrible monster has risen and attacked my village! I need strong and capable adventurers to return with me and slay this horrible fiend!"
Amicus Mourchaux

Guardian of the Kingdom of Tyria.


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