Dev Discussion #17 - Non-Progression Content



  • MarzzoMarzzo Member, Braver of Worlds
    After a long day of PVP, I would love just leaning back and working on my little house somewhere. Maybe doing some farming or breeding.

    If I have the energy, going out to explore, be it alone or with friends, sounds great.

    Maybe go to a popular tavern somewhere and have fun with some minigames with people or just chat. A bit of gambling perhaps?

    Work on my boat and take it out for a fishing trip sounds great.

    Doing a fashion event with some friends with other games is also great.

    Try to custumize my armor and weapon with small beautiful details like engravings and trims would be amazing.

    Go hunting red dead redemption style is a dream but that maybe is impossible in an MMO.

  • SeloSelo Member
    edited May 2
    This content is pretty much make it or break it.
    Alot of mmorpgs, pretty much all, fail to have any real fun things to do do when your not PvEing, Raiding or PvPing, and the game turns boring really fast at endgame.

    Things i have enjoyed doing when not doing normal stuff are:

    The Artifact collecting in Rift was actually quite fun.
    Crafting, but it has to be way more entertaining than just clicking a button and autocraft like in most mmorpgs.
    Achievements by finding hidden locations, or doing a specific thing (not grinding 1000 mobs)
    Collecting trophies to put in your house as decorations.
    Its quite hard to think of anything more, but other people have some good ideas.
    Any "downtime" content are good content.

    Ive thought about "hidden" achievements. Achievements that are so hard to even figure out there is an achievement connected to it that noone might ever find it.
    Like seeing something scribbled on a piedestal, or written in a book, and then seeing it somewhere else and so on.

    What i dont like are:
    Ofc, daily quests..
    Grinding same mobs over and over.
    IM one of those players that dont really like alts, or mmorpgs where you can switch classes.
    I rather focus on one class and become as good as possible on that one.
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  • chosenwanchosenwan Member, Settler
    The best times I've had in any mmo was in The Secret World just hanging out in Agartha (big social hub) and interacting with the people there. Sometimes we would just chat or dance and sometimes we would end up going to grouped content together. I loved having an actual place where people would actually go to socialize.
    Having the community come together was also a big part of how their seasonal events worked which plays into the same category for me.
  • Building houses and such. The now deceased, Everquest Next, (Can I mention them here?) was developing a wonderful building system. Perhaps here?
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