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  • mozsta69mozsta69 Member
    Thanks for this,

    In regards to Nodes, my understanding is that as the Node progresses, harder and harder NPC become aware of the node. Meaning players will have to handle more difficult content to keep the baddies at bay.

    Will there ever be a point when the Metropolis has absolute control over the area, and essentially no NPC enemies are around to attack it locally? Will peace ever reign in a node (from NPC's}

    Thank you
  • LumiLuckLumiLuck Member
    Can spells be studied (as in use on enemies makes them stronger?) Or perhaps in a library as an afk study mechanic so you can boost your spell ability? I am very much so invested in learning spell from books and would love the idea to boost my abilities by study.
  • basvisionbasvision Member, Pioneer
    Will two players be able to mine a ore node before it will respawn, or will only the first one be able to mine the node? (will the ore despawn after some seconds or after the first player mines it?)
  • SzoloSzolo Member, Founder
    Anvil wrote: »
    Will PvP be TOTALLY open world? Or Will There be Non-PvP Zones (other than inside a town.) I have nightmarish visions of stepping out into the World and Getting Hit by the first griefers that spot my character trying to Harvest/quest/ or Farm. (Yes, Yes, Corruption system.. It Ain't working on a lot of MMOs I've seen so far, Some players just Don't Care)...

    There are MMOs where the corruption system is working more of less, sets a decent limit against griefing. The main question is if the developer/publisher is willing to make the ultimate punishment. If the "badboy" risks of loosing his long since nurtured character (or even account) altogether, that threat filters out bully-type players. Low level bullying will always be there in MMOs, that everybody has to "survive".
    You ride that fine line of like everyone is about to die and you shall keep on casting, keep going, it awesome. Thats the best part of healing.
  • HydrillaHydrilla Member
    Aside from the buildings in the node with a particular purpose, will the randomly generated "filler" structures have anything inside them that you can interact with such as NPC's or items?
  • Here's a spin on a question I already seen answered.

    So, when the city/town/village is under siege you can't get to the materials stored there. Does this apply if I happen to be in that same city?
  • crytiicscrytiics Member
    Will there be a music system where you can play instruments and compose your own songs like in games as lord of the rings online or archeage? Would be great for role playing stuff.
  • BlakeBlake Member
    For the Demonic, Angelic, Fire Elemental, and Ice Elemental Racial skins. Will these looks be based off of the race the character is, or will they have their own unique look separate from the playable races. Such as will a Vek with the Angel skin applied look exactly like a Kaelar with the same skin applied, or will they look different?
  • stevejones92stevejones92 Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are there going to be considerable efforts towards making the AI a better opponent? I'm most concerned about having poor AI behavior. The kind of behavior that just stands and attacks every so often (skill up -> attack), or isn't much more beyond that -- put on every mob that exists.

    That also brings up the concern of how enemy difficulty is engineered, as in harder enemies are just given immunity to things and higher stats instead of actually playing better/smarter or having a unique set of skills.

    It is a role that should really have a person hired to do "just that" and have as much focus as any other core pillar of a game.
  • griffithgriffith Member, Braver of Worlds
    I've been really loving the particle affects we've seen so far and how beautiful they are. I'm wondering if we will be getting any skills that are blinding to other players like dust clouds or flashes that cover other players screens in order to protect your teammates/self?
  • DNFrozenDNFrozen Member
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    which mechanics can bring gold into existence?
    probably quests and selling goods to NPCs but are there other ways?
    and which mechanics can destroy gold from the economy?

  • AskaDemigodAskaDemigod Member
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    You guys said that there will be some legendary items that are one of the kind, soooo will there be like x amount of some epic item. Let's say that some ancient blacksmith was known for making "Black swords" but he only made 7 "Pure Black swords" (epic) and that's it. Some of them u can find in dungeons because dragon took them..., few u can find in some ancient ruins, maybe one u can find cuz you saved some old man (npc) from bear attack and he gave u the gift cuz he can see that one day u will be gear warrior etc. But once u find those 7 swords that's it and those items will be special in some stats way... And there is one more question, What is the limit on interacting with NPC's will i be able 2 defend the old man from bear attack and then follow him 2 his home where he offers me a lunch and tells me his story and gives me that sword, with option for me 2 decline the lunch and never get the sword... or will it be something more as usual in MMO's.
  • AskaDemigodAskaDemigod Member
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  • OnaldOnald Member
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    To what extend will you prevent players from making a database/wiki of the content that is meant to be explored?

    For instance a hidden npc with quest line that gives a great reward at the end. I know the node system will allow certain content to be present or absent, but will there also be randomness involved regarding under which circumstances the npc will appear or for example the name of that npc to minimize tracking of the exploration content.

  • reighendreighend Member
    How you imagine luck(RNG) and grinding needed to complete a full set endgame gear(rare gear, not the legendary)?
  • NexlerNexler Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are we going to get Hidden/Secret quests? For example: Finding an item that just has some vague flavor text on it that points you to an NPC in the game with no quest marker or information.
  • Are the servers somehow marked if they are more PVP or PVE focussed?
    so that like finds a like and one can deciede wether he/she wants to wade through a see of player blood or farm in peace befor they start their adventure?
  • afarafar Member, Pioneer
    Which languages you want to add this game? To support the game's continuity and create new communities such as "Turkish Ashes Community" are you planning to work with someone except than moderators about translating game? If the answer is yes what will be the requirements?

    I can volunteer to translate AoC to Polish, I translated professionally things before :)
  • mrsynthmrsynth Member
    We know there was a stock market sort of thing in the works at some point.
    1. Can you give us an update on what happened?
    2. Since we could have investments in the game in the form of a stock market can we expect there to be banks that can give loans to players? Have you given that a thought?
  • mrsynthmrsynth Member
    Are the servers somehow marked if they are more PVP or PVE focussed?
    so that like finds a like and one can deciede wether he/she wants to wade through a see of player blood or farm in peace befor they start their adventure?

    There are no PvE servers. PvP is one of the main aspects that makes the game what it is supposed to be.
  • mrsynthmrsynth Member
    LumiLuck wrote: »
    Can spells be studied (as in use on enemies makes them stronger?) Or perhaps in a library as an afk study mechanic so you can boost your spell ability? I am very much so invested in learning spell from books and would love the idea to boost my abilities by study.

    Classes will have class trees. From what we know, investing additional skill points into a given skill will make it stronger, but that is a tradeoff - more skills vs less but stronger.
  • Will all Cities/towns be nodes? Or will there be cities outside player control with a unique character away from the style generated by the expanding node system?
  • WembleyWembley Member
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    One of the short video clips released by Steven last week appears to show a medium/heavy-armored Cleric fighting a band of Brigands with a sword and shield. In this example of a class/archetype wearing a non-traditional armor weight, would this choice affect the cleric's magic casting abilities by limiting mana pool, damage/healing done or other characteristics versus wearing light armor?
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Say I somehow manage to become a mayor. i want to make my node into the Black Node. Will I be able to paint ALL of my buildings black????Also murals and graffiti possible?
  • eroenneeroenne Member
    Will classes that sub bard be able to spec into some sort of support/force multiplier? Similar to a blade dancer or sword singer from lineage 2.
  • NightwolfNightwolf Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will the dev's be switch to Unreal Engine 5 once it comes out, the makers of UE5 have said that they are making it backwards compatable and I am hoping that once it comes out you guys could try to switch it to the new engine, with all the amazing features like the Nanite for modules which would give the game so much poly than you can shake a stick at, Lumen for amazing lighting capabilities. What really excites me though would be Niagra Effects System on spells would be F**KING AMAZING! Not to mention on the small things too. And I think that would really breath life into it would be the dynamic body animation based on their environment. That would be jaw dropping amazing, I would love to hear from you guys.

    As always thank you for all your hard work on this wonderful game, to all of the members on the Intrepid team.
  • MosephMoseph Member
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    Apologies if any of these have been asked before.

    Mounts and or pets.
    Will mounts and or pets be common items (as in you can just go to the shop and buy them) or will obtaining one be more rewarding by requiring effort such as completing indepth quests, or catching and training them?

    World or node bosses.
    A different MMO I used to play and enjoy had world / area bosses. These creatures required specific actions to be taken to summon or attract them to the area, and then it took large or full raid groups to take that creature down. Are there any plans for anything similar for AoC?

    Guild Halls and Node siege.
    If a node is attacked and it falls to the attacking army, what happens to guild halls?
  • Undead CanuckUndead Canuck Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are there going to be areas where casting will be enhanced? I.e. Necromancers raising stronger pets in a graveyard or mausoleum / Beastmaster summoning a great bear instead of regular bear?
  • RazorathRazorath Member
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    I understand that there will be a cosmetic based cash shop but will there be a good amount of collectibles such as equipment skins and mount skins to be unlocked within the game?
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