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Costume Concept Art

PanmandaPanmanda Member
edited May 2020 in Community Creations
Heya Ashes Community!
I'm a little hobby artist and in my hype for Ashes of Creation i've been sketching a little costume concept art.
The theme is befitting the game - a phoenix. Hope you like it and maybe the devs can pick up some ideas from it :blush:

Name: Imperial Phoenix
Some details: the outfit is supposed to be for casters/mages and made up of light clothes and silk. Most of the jewelry and accessoires is made of gold and rubys or emeralds. The trousers especially are made out of silk and should be see-through. The bustier has feathers attached, growing longer to one side over the shoulder. Two long feathers are also attached to the eyebrows.

Hope you like it and i'm glad for feedback! :smiley:

Edit: Links to the pictures so you can see them full-size:


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