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    can't wait!
  • We know that Legendary items will be rly rare, witch means that most of us will run Epic items as their "BIS". Will there be any uniqueness to Epic items? Like will there be only X amount of some Epic item in the game?
  • What is the launch date?
  • I posted this on the reddit, and AlluringSecrets told me to post it here, so here it is:

    What is planned to prevent a "meta" to occur regarding nodes on different servers? Let's say that node A provides beneficial resources to anyone, be that dungeons with great loot, a unique ore that is mandatory for a profession, etc. It would be in everyone's interest(across all servers that is) to have this node on a high level such that it spawns these things. What is done to prevent a situation to occur, where all servers will always level the same kind of node? Sure there might be different dungeons or items you can gather when leveling other nodes, but does that mean that the rewards you get from the other raids/dungeons is 100% on par(equal in stats provided) with the other nodes? Also, will it be the case that some of the more common ores/logs/gatherables are only obtainable in a single node(or even the more rare ones), or will this be obtainable in multiple nodes(which thus would prevent a node-meta in occuring).
    If a single node becomes mandatory for progression, it would seem that the node system would have a flaw, as you would want a diverse situation to occur.
  • ChainyChainy Member
    Will there be any support for addons, or will this come later on? I know addons can be quite useful but also ruin the nostalgic feeling and experience.
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    Hey first of all, have a nice day!

    I have a few questions about religions in general

    1) Everyone talks about the benefits of being a part of a religion. But are there any drawbacks? Could religion be a dividing or a unifying force in the world too, to form confederations or alliances between node cities and guilds?

    2) Could religions spark conflict between cities and guilds in the form of religious wars to suppress other religions and promote their own via war or through missionaries/preachers?

    3) I imagine Divine node cities likely will be mono-religious. However, is it possible for other node cities and guilds to have an official religious affiliation? Will there be incentives for non-Divine node cities to be either mono OR multireligious?

    4) If node cities and guilds can be multireligious, could this, under certain circumstances, lead to internal conflict or civil war? If so, how would such internal conflicts play out?

    5) Will there be any incentive to spread your religion over your node of influence? Will there be any benefits of your religion being more popular on the server?

    6) Could predominantly religion X node cities/players/guilds deny resources/services from religion Z cities/players/guilds to pressure others picking up their religion? Place embargos, blockades on ports, trade restrictions, and such?

    7) Related to question 5 and 6, what is stopping a religion to gain absolute dominance on the server sooner or later?

    8) Is it possible to be head of a certain religion (like the pope)? Or at least being in a group of select few of the highest rank (like cardinals)? Will these high ranking priests have some influence over their followers?

    Thanks for answering all these.
  • Super excited for this game. Been watching all I can since coming across it. I have a question about UI, sorry if this has been repeated elsewhere.

    From my experience playing WoW (sorry Blizz, not sorry), the game could only be actively (sic: competitively) played with add-ons. Everything cluttered the screen to the point where you would not see the game or environment and simply rotate through your class’ perfunctory “efficient” skill rotation. However, the most necessary addon for me allowed me to customize and adapt the UI. Will the UI be customizable; and, will the game allow (or disallow) addons?

  • sinwolfsinwolf Member, Braver of Worlds
    It was probably already stated before but when it comes to attacking other players how will AOE spells work ? will they damage the player only after they are flagged or will they not work at all ?
  • sunfrogsunfrog Member, Pioneer
    When we create a new creature in the Animal Husbandry profession will we be able to name it or will names be pre-chosen for us?

  • SamsonSamson Member
    I know trash mobs have a chance to drop certificates (i.e. pelts, hides, teeth, etc.) that can be sold to nearby vendors but will these mobs have a chance to drop completed items as well?

    Or will completed items only come from vendors, crafting and world bosses?
  • soul123soul123 Member
    Will there be a class archetype that will summon demons?
  • Can't wait ! :)
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    edited July 29
    Question about the Marriage system, would appreciate some new info since the wiki has only a few sentences from 2017.

    How authentic do you envision marriage?
    By authentic I mean Marriage as a formality for ingame benefits, flavour for roleplay , or more intimate for a couple who actually likes eachother.
  • In Steven's interview with Asmongold last weekend (nice legwork jumping in those streams btw) He mentioned that flight paths would be in the game. Was he reffering to the Science metro Airship, or another system, like a node to node flight taxi system.
  • Hello,
    Thanks for hosting all these live streams. I have a question on in-game management.

    What guild/finance management systems are there? For instance, will there be a total count of raw material/processed goods for leaders to view? Will there be trackers for guild contributions of gold/materials?

    Will there be transaction recites for sales. For instance, a caravan sells its materials for 1000 gold. Will there be evidence of the seller receiving 1000 to eliminate unknown skimming from a party or guild?

    I'm currently making a database for my guild, so any information about the mechanics of trading in the game would be nice.

  • Hi there, I have 2 questions:

    1. If there are 2 nodes being developed right next to each other, and one node upgrades to the next stage and grows in size and grows into the node next to it, will the node beside it get "consumed" and lose its progression? How does this work?

    2. Will we be able to grind dungeons as much as we want or will there be a limitation on running certain dungeons "X" amount per day/week/month?
    (Please let it be infinite, I dislike time gated content)

    Thanks in advance.
  • vorch21vorch21 Member
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    1. Will Classes(architypes combinations) have their own unique passive bonuses and mechanics or only skill morphs?
    2. Will there be fist weapon (any type of combat gauntlets/knuckles etc.)?
  • EtalimEtalim Member, Braver of Worlds
    The capes from the preview footage seems very lightweight to me, are there going to be capes with different weight to them? I.e. some that are heavier so that they won't be flapping around so much?

  • Will players that follow a religion that leans towards the more ‘darker or lighter path’, receive augments on their character’s abilities that correspond towards the path that they have chosen? An example would be a mage with darker, more sinister flame abilities
  • Drag13Drag13 Member
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    I was wondering when more detailed information on archetypes and secondary skill augments would be revealed. I love to theory-craft classes, but there are few specifics on each archetype's skills and the augments available from secondaries.

    Thank you very much!
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
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    Hello team. Question regarding the runes that you can slot in gear, from interview with Tim the Tat Man.

    In the interview some runes were mentioned, that can be slotted/unslotted in gear, that can increase the gears effectiveness for PvE or PvP.

    Doesn't this go against the concept of PvX? If I slot in my gear some PvE runes, and some gangers jump on me while they are using their PvP runes, I am at a disadvantage.

    Isn't this the reasons you decided against separate PvE and PvP gear? Wouldn't it be better if those runes excluded any PvE/PvP modifiers, but rather focused on effects like, faster MP regen, or a bit extra CC resistance or a bit better crit rate?
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    Now that we are approaching public alpha 1 sans NDA what are your goals as a team during that phase? What for you would represent a successful alpha 1 test of core mechanics prior to entering alpha 2?

    I'm not asking for dates here I just want to know what your goals are once the NDA will be lifted and we get to see behind the curtain at what's going on through the eyes of fellow players. You won't be able to get anything past us after that!
  • Nielsen wrote: »
    i have a question towards the caravan system, it was stated that when you kill a monster it'll drop some kind of certificate, my question is: what will make players use the caravan system instead of travel from a city to another with small amounts of certificate, or the player will have that option?

    The whole reason is for community development. If you use the caravan system then it increases relations with the place that you go to and it goes to your nodes progression AND i believe in order for the certificates to be worth more, they have to be sold from the caravan from a distant place. So if you just show up with them, I don't think their price will be increased. I could be wrong though. That is what I understood from talks about it.
  • SOOO Excited !! Hope most are good news
  • XicophXicoph Member
    Hello from Honduras! . It is so refreshing seeing a developer with so much community interaction congrats.

    My question is regarding armor and weapon slots. Will there be some kind of template on release? Some type of code I can copy and paste on the game client to recreate certain builds or something similar like that?
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    McKayy wrote: »
    in regards to Combatant status when a Noncombatant attacks Corrupted players why do they stay non combatant that has been brought up recently and it raises a few questions also what if that NC dies to the corrupted player trying to kill them now they lose out on more bc they arent Combatants

    I believe this is because the system is focused on players who are corrupted appearing as almost, "Disturbing the peace," which comes with consequences. However, someone who is choosing to be peaceful, defending themselves from someone who is corrupt, doesn't necessarily mean that player is going out and seeking combat. Which then only a player with the intent of seeking pvp, would be marked as a combatant. I could be off base here but just what I think their intentions are.
    makes sence
  • will archetypes be restricted to particular weapon types? for instance, a cleric might only be able to use a staff, wand, shield or sword and not two daggers or something.

    if this has already been answered, feel free to skip over my question : )
  • HsiubnHsiubn Member
    Would love to see some class insight and samples. As the portal between player and the AOC world its going to be a huge point of interest for the game's duration
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