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[EU] hey im mvp | PvX | Competitive | New for AoC

KaelangKaelang Member
edited August 2020 in EU Guild Recruitment

About HIM:

hey im mvp aims to be a competitive, yet relaxed PvX guild forming on the largest EU server. Forming exclusively for Ashes of Creation, the current focus is to register interest for such guild, and develop the roster into a group of active players, fulfilling all roles, and enjoying the game from Alpha 2 onwards.


We will be focusing on the smaller-scale content available, such as Arenas, Roaming, Caravans etc. Initial hopes are the guild will have some of the best Arena ladder players, and 8 man teams on the server. This being said, it's likely the guild will look to Alliance with others to participate in larger scale warfare, and potentially develop into a roster prepared for larger-scale combat. Therefore, experience with all forms of PvP content, and accolades in previous PvP MMORPG's will be a requirement to join.


HIM's leadership has experience in leading raid teams through content at an incredible pace. Achieving World Top 5 kills, and EU top 3 kills in RIFT during Greenscale Blight's era, and raiding at a Cutting Edge, Mythic level in World of Warcraft. There are no concerns that raids will be cleared at a swift pace through Ashes of Creation, however there will be no races for World First from us. This being said, experience raiding at a high level in previous MMORPG's will be highly beneficial when applying.


Contact Kaelang#1290 on Discord if you would be interested in this type of environment. The website is ready, it's the roster that isn't. The aim is to get a small core of players ready for Alpha 2, and then bump recruitment up once we're settled. If you have made it this far, and you have read all the information above, I've done something right with this post, so thank you.


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