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Random is God [Rng] | PvP (PvE) - Small - Competetive

Random is God [Rng] is a new upcoming PvP focused guild!
[EU - PvP (PvE) - EN/RU/DE - Small to Medium - Competitive]

For other Guilds & Alliances
We are generally open to join an alliance as long as our guild's concept will remain the same.

For Applicants
PvP first. This includes not only the combat-aspect, but also Market PvP, property, crafting and everything that allows for dominance over other guilds.
PvE second. In order to succeed in PvP we will have to do a fair amount of PvE.
With that a simple motto forms: "Never turn down PvP for PvE!"

However. BECAUSE we are PvP focused, is exactly why we NEED people that focus on different aspects of the game.
Since a majority of our members should be PvP affinites, we need a good base of people who can supply us with everything around the core centric of PvP.
You will be more than welcome to join us even if you do not excel or plan to do any PvP related actions. Because we still NEED YOU!
This is YOUR chance to be an important part of an upcoming guild!

We have no numbers as of right now - Why should you join us then? Simple.
With being one of the core-members YOU get to decide how the guild grows or forms, making for an excellent base of operations from which we will strive to be the best!

- EU-Based Server
- PvP focused - **Corruption possible**
- PvE / Management focused characters needed regardless
- Prefer Guild Upgrades OVER Quantity Upgrades -> Small to Medium Guild with Buffs
- Current Members: 4

Roles to be filled out:
- PvP. PvP. PvP.
- PvE Commander
- People who focus on Crafting, Processing, Gathering
- Diplomats, Spies & Information-brokers

What we will offer/do on the server:
- PvP. A lot. Ambush Farmers. Caravans. Arenas. Guild Wars. Other places of opportunity.
- Take part in Mass-PvP either by helping the alliance we are in or being guns for hire.
- Market PvP by maintaining a strong economical and crafting presence.

Further Information
On a much broader perspective, we will look for opportunities to shift the weight of powers on the server. While owning a castle might be preferred, due to a focus on strength instead of numbers this might not be outright possible without joining an alliance.
PvP will be done in any way possible and if people are up for it, will include going into the corrupted state if the loot will suffice.
Currently, the guild consists of a small amount of players, though we do hope that by the time the game launches we will have a fully fledged out community that will choose a server and try to engage to the top of the leaderboards on there.

The most efficient way to apply is through Discord. Whether it be on the server or per private message. You can also choose to write a Forum PM if that fits more your style. If you choose to apply, a bit about yourself, your drives as well as how you can help our guild is necessary. Are you more of a PvP guy? Perhaps you want to help out via PvE or even other means?
What about your class you think of taking? This is useful to see what team composition we will have.

Join our Discord: - Join to apply!
My DiscordTag: Zmeja#9144
Random is God


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