production class - stats vs level requirements

hello everyone,
most mmo's usually require a certain level and class restriction to wear items. i am hoping if it can change to stats instead ? for example a great sword - require 4000 strength stat points vs a dagger require 3000 agility to equip

another example would be great sword ( 2000 attack per 2 sec) - require 400 strength stat 200 agility stat
great sword ( 1000 attack per 1 sec) - require 200 strength 400 agility stat

and i want a rating of the weapon from - normal, rare, unique, legendary, myth

i am getting my inspiration from reading a mmo novel called overgeared


  • I dont think that a statlock would be a good thing in Ashes. That way a mage wont be able to equip a greatsword at all.
    Except if this would be the case:
    Greatsword - Stats: Mentality - Requirement: Mentality
  • SoulsOnFireSoulsOnFire Member, Settler
    Afaik they already said everyone will be able to wield every weapon. This seems to be the complete opposite of your proposal.
  • Is there are reason why you need to promote the book in every thread you create?

    Also, your proposal would go directly against what Intrepid is trying to do, so No
  • Yes, they have stated that anyone can wear anything BUT that certain pieces/sets provide enhancements to your class.

    I don't however have a problem with having certain recommended stats on items. So lets say a pure Mage wants to wield that heavy armor and greatsword. A Mage would normally have a 40 STR w/o any special investment but to wield heavy armor or a greatsword requires a minimum stat of 50 STR. To effectively wield both, the mage would have to go 'work out' a bit and invest 10 pts in STR to start using those items. Not a huge amount but enough to show at least a bit of needed devotion.

    The items in question can still be equipped however, you will just suffer some sort of penalty below the minimum stat. Say -2% melee damage per pt of STR below the recommended. Or for armor you are more encumbered so -2% to your movement per pt below the recommended.

    Conversely the same could be said of things like mage staves. Those simple minded tanks would need to go read a few books and boost their INT a bit before being able to wield that Staff of Ice at full effectiveness.

    With 64 classes and thus a lot of class mixing , I would expect the gate stats would only have an impact on the more extreme cases.
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