Daily quests, yes or no?

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Inspired by the login rewards thread, what do you guys think about daily quests?

I am a little torn here.

On the one hand, I really don't want the generic, same 10, 15, 25 daily quests we know from a lot of MMOs. It's really just a sign the game lacks quality content, and it has that same shitty skinner box feel to it, if the rewards are worth it. I hate games where you end up disliking the gameplay (like repetitive dailies), to get a reward you feel you need to stay competitive.

Even worse is when developers only look at the metrics, and see that a lot of players do the daily quests, and interpret that as players also liking the daily quests. No, people do boring shit for rewards all the time (it's called a boring, shitty workday for money). I don't ever want AOC to feel like a boring, shitty workday to get the rewards I want or need.

On the other hand, we know there are social organizations in the game, as well as religions. They have ranks, and there is a competitive element to those ranks. Only one person can be at the top at any given time, at least for the religions.
Let's say you go to the temple and you sign up to be a follower of that religion. There is an inter-organization quest line that can advance and rank and title and only one person can be the leader for a period of time. If they advance all the way to the top. So like during sieges they'll have special benefits like they can you know grant divine prayer buff to allies within x amount of distance of them during the siege. - Steven Sharif

Even if there is a main questline for each religion, at some point it ends, and I don't really see an option other than daily quests, if you want to stay or move to number 1 in the ranks. Maybe a mob grind of a specific enemy of that religion, or gold donation/tithe can work as well I suppose. Any of you know of a game where they have this figured out in a fun way?

I think we are going to get some daily quests in AOC, in some form or another. My hope is that they make the pool of quests really big, and randomize them every day. Maybe that can alleviate some of the suck.

Edit: Actually, my real hope is that they either drop that competitive element of the religion-ranking altogether, or at least make it not dependent on any daily quests.


  • First of all I don't need any quests in my life, so jot that down.

    Secondly I hate dailies. When players are doing quests it is because the DEVs could not come up with systems to inspire players to go after their own goals. So they trick you into doing quests, by giving you a little bit of meaningless story in exchange for a disproportionate amount of XP for the work of actually doing the quest. To restate that, the only reason anybody quests is because the XP and items received from questing is always more than what you would get grinding out your own goals. If you want proof look at some oldschool MMOs like FFXI or L2 where quests did not give you much, unless it was a required quest to unlock something. Even in those old games people would have trouble staying on task with their own goals because opportunities would come up that incentivized them to participate in other activities. I would log into FFXI and tell myself "I am going to work on getting my craft to X level, and a few whispers later and I am in a group looking fighting rare spawns.". These are old games with far less activities than AoC and they did not need dailies, or XP quests.

    Thirdly, If players are doing quests because they have been incentivized out of making their own goals by the DEVs. Then Dailies is the DEVs giving up on writing a dumb story for you to click through. Now they are just trying to keep you logging in everyday, to keep their participation metrics high.

    All of those competitive elements you hope they drop are in place to make it so you will have things that you do because you want to do them. If you want to live in a dynamic ever changing world that is never the same. You can't expect to have the game hold your hand, and tell you what to do. We have plenty of MMOs that do that.
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    No. I dont want to be forced to farm tokens every day to progress.

    I want the game to be about making ANY plan you want for the day and head out of the node in the OPEN world, either with a few friends or with the guild.

    As for the types of nodes and their progress I'd like to see free resource farming in order to contribute to various constractions, not tied to dailies.
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    For the religious and scientific node there can be 2 unique resources, like:
    scroll of knowledge
    torn page from holy/dark book

    that can be looted from environments that a scholar or a scientist would adventure.

    No daily required, just go and look for them if you want to help your node.
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    Daily quests can be a good thing, as they give players who don't have a lot of time something worthwhile to do in the game. There are days when I only have 10-20 minutes a day to play, which isn't enough to do a dungeon or raid or explore much without fast travel. Daily quests allow players to still progress their characters rather than just be stuck with nothing.

    The problem is the way daily quests are often implemented turns them into daily chores that have to be completed in order to be competitive. You wanna raid at a half-way decent level? You'd better have done your daily quests every single day then or you will have fallen behind.

    In doing so, daily quests contribute to the skinner box that I've talked about in previous threads.
  • There will likely need to be some sort of daily quests so that people can progress their rank in the temple and vie for mayorship. Otherwise, once you've become mayor and have exhausted all the 'normal' quests, you'll never get chance to be mayor again.
  • Religous Node questing HAS to be repeatable at least monthly.

    unexplained daily quests in the UI - I'm not a fan.
    I'd much prefer Collector NPC's - so you can hand in 100x ___________ certificates for a small reward.
    ^^^ that creates a loophole that the rich can exploit, though.
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  • Shure, I like daily's. How about you give the major the ability to sanction requisition quests like the war preparations in WotLK. PLayers can give crafting materials like wood, stone, iron etc to npc's who give you in turn a bit of gold and exp. These mats then get sent into the node storage for building projects.
  • It depends on the Rewards from that Missions.
    If a Player needs to do them in order to Progress, that sucks D***. Especially, if they be the only Option to gain Favour´s from Fraktions.
    If they are an Secondary Option, do a Dungeon or do Daily Missions. That would be Okay. For me at Least.
  • Big no to daily quests for the same reason login rewards are a no go.

    The game should not increase the powerlower of people just for being online every day.
    Lets say there is guy A
    He can play 7 times a week for 2 hours each.
    And there is guy B
    He can play 2 times a week for 7 hours each.

    They both have the same play time but guy A gets all the daily quests done every day so he keeps getting ahead of guy B.

    Also as some have stated.
    Daily quests are for devs that dont have any other content to keep players in the game.
    Ashes will have enough content on its own. No need for daily quest.

    And dont get me even started how Daily quests feel like work.
  • mushinmushin Member, Braver of Worlds
  • no
  • Yes from me but there is a HUGE because. Daily quests keep players logging in and they are very effective for doing that. I hate daily quests but I am more for an active community than against the idea of additional content (although stale content most of the time). Some people like dailies and that's why they should be in this game....for those people. If they do it correctly, it will be for only cosmetic things or something to relate to daily caravans that are NPC controlled (bad guys) that everyone can benefit by working together.

    Daily quests in wow ended up being hundreds of quests and it truly felt like an eventual time sink which you don't want any game to feel like. There is a fine balance that can be had with dailies IMO.
  • I am of the opinion that daily quests in small numbers are ok, but only if missing them isn't to your own detriment, their rewards are not unique to daily quests, and they are not the most time efficient way to earn those rewards.

    If a daily quest that is expected to take 20 minutes to complete rewards you with something, there should be a method to get (as an example) 4 of that same reward after an activity that would be expected to take an hour.

    What this does it is allows for players with very small time windows to log on and do "something" (though the efficacy of that will be more determined by who wants to PvP with them than anything), but it also doesn't mean players that don't do these daily quests would be missing out.

    As to qiests for religious node leadership - I don't think daily quests would really work too well for that. If there are daily quests for it that make up the bulk of the ways to earn leadership positions, then all players that do all the daily quests in the 30 day period would be equal.

    To me, it makes more sense for the tasks for this to be infinately repeatable.
  • Dailies never worked as a way to entice me or people I knew to log into wow. We logged in to farm for the raid and to raid. I always saw them more as a time regulator and annoyance than anything. So many ways to regulate attunement time then that lazy garbage. I think for maintenance grind quests just allow it to be done as much as players want. Let it stockpile most good guilds would stock pile for raid anyway. Like I said dailys that got the label seemed more like a metric to meter easy mundane tasks to slow the hardcore base down to the casual lvl.
  • Dailies are just there to give you anxiety. That's a no from me.
  • Huge no for the same reason login bonuses are not good

    Don’t attach artificial “once per day” progress in a big burst. Spontaneous, setting appropriate quests with thresholds for the whole community is much better. A carpenter putting out a notice they need more lumber, every player contributes to this “quest” and gets small gold payouts, or an piece of common gear, or a special material if they contribute a significant amount. A religious organization would have many books and holy scrolls throughout the world. There’s no need for a formal quest system to contribute to religious orgs beyond the narrative aspects.

    Dailies are the bane of fun. They make each game session a chore because their progress cannot be matched by standard gameplay. (If they could, there would be no point to dailies at all)
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    A daily something is fine. But I think it depends on what the something is, what it's trying to accomplish, and why it's important to me (my node/guild/etc.).

    Daily quests have been done. Done ad nauseum. Done. I'm expecting, as with many of the systems in Ashes, IS to carefully think through the point of dailies from different perspectives. Why is this important for the player? How does this tie the player back to the node? How does this drive a group or group of groups around a node? How does this keep players engaged / interested / staying with the game?

    We've all seen enough random blue exclamation marks to last a lifetime: make it meaningful.
  • There should probably exist some kind of daily quests, but NOT for buffs and consumables; It should only be for in-game currency.

    Some players are obviously more-inventive than others, so it feels like there should be a direct path for people with time to burn and the need for money to be able to go and do something, for it; not everyone will be running a shop, and running around the wilds looking for stuff to kill can be a very dull grind.
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    Generally, no.

    A few dailies make sense and are OK - e.g. taking a job to help a baker make bread every day.

    Traditional dailies to kill an arbitrarily fixed number of monsters are so overused and badly placed that's it hard to want them in a game anymore. They haven't made sense because the situation never changes (i.e. even after 5 years players have failed to drive back the encroaching orc settlements by burning 10 tents every day).

    If the node system provides an end condition to daily kill quests (and this is critical), a lore-based or context-based justification for the killing, and severely limits how many of them there are, then it'd be OK I think.
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    I stopped playing WoW in the Burning Crusades because of daily quests becoming more and more part of my game time when I logged in.

    I stopped playing SWG because the only thing I could do when I logged in was to make a speeder round of my resources extractors.
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    Honestly no I do not want to see daily quests but I can't help but feel there may be some form of repeatable quests to help grind out reputation with various organisations within Verra. If there are repeatable quests the rewards for such quests need to be in line with other non repeatable quests. The problem with daily quests tends to be that the rewards are so good that you feel obligated to do them or you will miss out on the resources they provide, resources that are either hard or impossible to obtain through other in game means.

    Honestly you should login to Verra and then decide what you feel like doing today not feel an obligation to repeat the same quest every single day.
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    Been thinking more on it, and there is one type of daily quest I wouldn't mind, and that is a gold reward for helping to build up the node you live in. Or provide materials for upkeep.

    Getting people in the habit of actually supporting their node, instead of passively leeching, is only a good thing I think.

    Any daily quests that aren't node related should probably not exist I think. Like for rank gain with the religions, that shouldn't be quest based after the initial questline, but based on killing or donating stuff. Letting the highest ranks go to those that can put in the most effort makes sense.
  • Yeah, that’s where I would want this to go as well. Such as the faction effort for opening the AQ gates, but for node progression. Not sure if it has to be a quest, but maybe a daily max on contribution of max material / components with a reward of crafting recipes / freehold upgrades / gold etc.
  • Perhaps making it a weekly quest, or max as you suggested, is better. More fair for those who can't play everyday.
  • If you have to rely on dailies to keep your community engaged you're doing something wrong.

    Like WanderingMist said, thinly veiled psychological manipulation. SHOO!
    To the hardcore players: forced to do the dailies because they're more efficient that anything else in the game
    To the casuals: literally repeat the same quests and get bored. Give them something that accumulates instead.
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    For the religious and scientific node there can be 2 unique resources, like:
    scroll of knowledge
    torn page from holy/dark book

    that can be looted from environments that a scholar or a scientist would adventure.

    No daily required, just go and look for them if you want to help your node.

    I agree, want to be the most religious guy on the server? Go kill 40k zombies every day to prove your devotion to your God.
  • The idea of having daily quests for social organizations is terrible for me, you would need to be more repeatable than daily to allow people to commit time and make the playstyle choice to prioritize it over other aspects of the game. Having daily quests for this stuff essentially locks you in to a static amount of reputation gained per day which is nonsense, which I believe you recognize based on the edit of the original post.

    Without static hubs and fast travel, dailies cannot really be implemented in conventional ways otherwise you risk forcing people to coalesce around metros and cities and really make the rest of the world sparse and barren. I think this game should not further promote (there are already tons and tons of reasons to travel to and be around metros and big cities) aggregating around big hubs. Furthermore, having to go back to a hub just to grab your dailies without fast travel feels bad. Conventionally dailies also aggregate to some reward that could act as a catchup mechanic which doesn't sound very much aligned to most AoC philosophies we know of.

    I think a good solution, one that would also work for the daily log-in rewards, is to just make some xp gained threshold where you get a generic reward for it. Similar to how mobas give you a reward for your first game and win or something that just happens by playing the game anyway. Gaining xp could be done through literally doing anything in game and would fill up a daily bar until some reward. You provide that incentive for people to remain active, you promote them to play the game the way they want to and all is well in the world. The only issue with this is afk farming like afk fishing which I would strongly recommend not provide xp if it is in the game. You should have some active variant of, for example, fishing that gains xp but afk variant should just give you the fish.
  • I wouldn't mind the odd 1 daily quest but I will be up front and give a big thumbs down in general.

    Dailies are what drove me away from ESO. I would log in and after I completed all of my crafting dailies, rogue guild dailies, personal mob route for random drops, and then participated in the nightly world boss circuit, it was time for bed. So the only time I had to do anything else would be the weekends and even then I felt guilty if I went to PvP before I had done all those daily tasks. Hell I didn't even feel as if I was even PvEing because I feel that even PvE requires a certain challenge level which I was not experiencing. Really sucked the fun and motivation out of playing.
  • PlagueMonk wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind the odd 1 daily quest but I will be up front and give a big thumbs down in general.

    Dailies are what drove me away from ESO. I would log in and after I completed all of my crafting dailies, rogue guild dailies, personal mob route for random drops, and then participated in the nightly world boss circuit, it was time for bed. So the only time I had to do anything else would be the weekends and even then I felt guilty if I went to PvP before I had done all those daily tasks. Hell I didn't even feel as if I was even PvEing because I feel that even PvE requires a certain challenge level which I was not experiencing. Really sucked the fun and motivation out of playing.

    I think this is actually a great point. Even though as @Wandering Mist said dailies give you something to do if you don't have much time to play, they also often feel mandatory and therefore burn into your time to play. Especially with no fast travel etc, if the dailies are location based they would then dictate where you go and as a result what you can do which would really take away from your autonomy in your play session. If there are dailies then I really think they should be location agnostic at the very least but also optimally task agnostic, again, just make it a xp threshold :D.
  • No thank you
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