CIS (Russian) servers

I wanna ask you about AoC release in CIS countries (former Soviet Union).
Аfter the studios dispersed (Intrepid and Mygames) and the Intrepid Studios decided to release the game itself in EU and CIS, then everyone who bought the game in the CIS-region became interested when and how we could move to a new platform and buy new game packs.

Thank you:)


  • Hey Sumer,

    If you log in on this website:

    You can see your purchase history there.
    Does it show the items you have purchased?
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    If you want to purchase packages now, you can use the Intrepid NA site. Prepare for some sticker shock since the region prices that were on offer under My.Games are not there. Or you can wait until the new EU publishing office for Intrepid is set up sometime in the future. (Job positions posted, just need to be filled) and hope that they have regional harmonization for CIS. If you have further questions I recommend joining the official Ashes Discord as they do still have a Russian language channel that some from that community utilize and they may have other information that people in the English speaking one do not on this specific issue.
  • SumerSumer Member
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    I have to introduce, we cannot buy new game packs. We have old packs with a game and goods in our CIS store (which was many months ago in the USA). And people do not want to buy here because of the prices, in the CIS they are cheaper:) Also we don’t know by purchasing the game here if the players will get access to the CIS servers.

    I hope this problem will be solved soon.
    Thank you for your help:)
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