What I would like to see !

Now I have been gaming for the last 20 years of my life, mostly MMOs. Over those 20 years I have gained a lot of experience from that genre, and to be honest the last amazing mmo was Lineage 2 in its early days before NCSOFT screwed it up. Now Im not saying I want to see this game become another Lineage 2 but there are some things from L2 that I would love to see here.

1. Sub To Play System with Cosmetic only cash shop.
Make this game "Sub To Play" and add a cash shop for cosmetics only, that way you can sustain costs and make a profit without having to go p2w. It also hinders multiaccounting and gold sellers.

2. Classes and Diversity
Offer us many Diverse, Unique Classes to choose from. Would love to see Different DPS classes, dedicated support classes, dedicated healer classes, tank classes. so many mmos out there right now only offer very few classes and get stale after a very short time because they are not diverse and because all of those classes usually can do a bit of everything. I want the days back where in PvP, PVE and world bosses etc you always had to depend on every single group member to do their job, they day where everyone knew the worth of a good healer and tank etc. Even a crafter class would be amazing. I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, the more classes you offer the community, the bigger and better the community gets, because there is a class for every playstyle, players who like crafting can make a crafting class, players who like playing the support role and being the backbone of a group/raid can play support/buffer classes or maybe control classes. But dont just make support classes that only have 1-2 support skills and 30 dps skills, you need to make all classes dedicated to their role, thats what will give it diversity. That way everbody will feel needed and will play their class to the fullest of its capability.

3. Crafting
Make a great crafting system, L2 had one of (if not the best even) the best crafting systems ever made, why ? Because you didnt stop crafting after a certain point because boss drops were better in the end like in most games, crafted gear/items were always on par with boss drops, most of the time the bosses in L2 dropped crafted gear. to gather the crafting mats one had to grind certain mobs for certain mats, which was also quite interesting.

These are the 3 main things I would like to see.

Will add more if i think of anything else.


  • I think nearly the same like SavagePunk.

    Sub to play is a very good system. It's true, that some players won't choose this game because the don't want to pay monthly a certain amount of money. But the other thing is: Every player in this game will be an important part. No gold sellers, spammers of advertisement,... So I hope that there will be Sub to play :)

    Classes are, like already said, very important. In nearly every MMO, you can play, F2P or every othere business model, you have only a very limited amount of classes. Like 2-5 DDs, 2-3 tanks, 1 Mage, 1-3 Healers,... I really hope that it's true that you have the chance to choose one class out of 64 in this game because this will be important for the diversity of gamers. There are people who want to play support, but not only a healer. They can choose a DD and healer combination class. Everyone can chosse, what he/she wants to play so I really hope, that this will be available in AoC <3

    And I also hope, that the crafting isn't worthless like in many other games. There are games with a very good crafting system, but most of the games aren't. The crafted gear isn't as good as the mob drops. It's just too expensive to farm, like you have to farm for 2 years for having a gear you can get by raiding one dungeon like 2 or 3 times. That the system isn't well balanced, that's a point i really hope that this game will fix and give us players a good opportunity to farm and craft :)
  • Truth of the matter is think the game is going to be subscription based but you'll never get away from gold spammered if there's a market for it I've seen several sub based games that are over run by gold spammers because the player base pays for the service to keep the spammers out the community as a whole have to consciously make the effort to keep them out by not buying the gold. As for the classes 64 class combinations in the game yes variety there is great but I think you are more taking about player roles instead of class variety which would be great to see allot of. Crafting in my opinion should never be on par with top end bosses unless the boss is the only thing that drops the material needed to make said crafted item far too many games devalue thier boss content by either making easier content the next patch drop higher value loot or making higher value loot way too accessible. I am all for top end crafted gear but not at the expense of you can just buy the extra hard raid boss level loot off an auction because of crafting now you have created a dynamic that favors gold spammers and sellers as I have been a proponent of harder content that not everyone will be able to complete on this forum people will go the route of pay to win in the gear race if it's possible.
  • 1: Ashes will have a subscription model and a Cash-shop for cosmetics only. No P2W, as Steven, The Director, hates it! As @Theory already said, if there's a market for it, you'll see goldsellers. But Steven have said that they will have GMs in game, to ban ppl going against their rules. So we won't likely see gold-spammers.

    2: Like said above, you'll 8 classes to choose from ( Fighter – Rogue – Ranger – Bard – Cleric – Mage – Tank – Summoner ) and later on a secondary class (augment class). So in total, 64 different classes!

    3: Steven have stated that crafting will be VERY important in the game. He wants crafters to feel useful and have meaning in Ashes.

    So all in all, YES Ashes will definitely be a game for you!
    But keep in mind we don't know much yet. So stay around, join the Ashes Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/AshesofCreation) and look for information there as well (especially in the #intrepid_answers section).
  • 1. Olympiad from Lineage 2 and not instance-based gameplay. That's all I want.
  • I would love to see Clerics with the 2nd class as Tank be able to tank. I am thinking of a D&D Cleric that wares heavy armor, tanks and can heal.
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