Ashes of Creation Card Game (Playable Alpha) Over 180 Cards - Fan Made

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Let me preface this by saying this is very early in terms of Balance. Most of the cards do not have card art. I was only working on this as a hobby to pass the time. I am also not an artist. I set out to make a card game with as many Ashes of Creation Related concepts as possible. That may have been to the detriment of the game or maybe it made it better. All I know is that I think I accomplished my goals. The game contains leveling Nodes, Corruption, Caravans, Resource management, all 64 Class cards, and more. If there is interest I will finish the art when we get access to more information and art. I planned to put the class emblem on all the class cards but that information might be years off at this point. I will look into getting permission to upload these to tabletop simulator if people are interested. If Intrepid asks me to take take anything down or to cease working on this I will comply immediately. This is a non-profit Fan project. It is heavily inspired by Magic the Gathering so a lot of the core concepts will be familiar.

Edit: Added imgur albums of all the cards separated by category.

Game Concept and overview:

The Objective of the game is to gather and transfer materials to the node to upgrade it fully. You may also decide to destroy the enemy node by attacking it directly. If you succeed in your attack you win the game.

As the node receives materials, it is upgraded. The node has 6 stages. Upon reaching stage 6 you win the game. The node can be attacked so be sure to have some defenders ready to intercept. There is 4 node types to build a deck around. The node tentatively has 30 Health. It currently takes 40 Materials to fully upgrade the node to win.

To transfer materials to the node you use a Caravan. A Caravan is vulnerable to attack while traveling. It leaves after the Caravan Departure Phase and arrives at the start of your next turn. The enemy has an opportunity to attack this caravan to stop the materials from reaching the node. You may choose to delay the departure of the caravan to rally some defenders. There is a score card slider to keep track of when the node is upgraded a stage. The actual amount needed is subject to change.

Units are summoned using essence and materials. Essence is automatically generated at the start of your turn based on the highest node on the field (this includes the enemy node)
Most cards have a base essence cost to use. Essence can be used to replace a material cost in a pinch but this comes with a penalty you may not want to face.

Building a Deck:
Card minimum is 60. Same card restriction is 3. There is no limit on Resource Cards.
To build a deck you are going to want to start by picking a node. The nodes are upgraded faster by the type of material specified on them. After that you want a decent amount of Resource and Production Units. Fill out the rest of your deck with units and dual type units that match your node type. The Talisman material has Augmentations. Steel has Equipment. Gold has a special unit type called scoundrel. Research has a larger selection of Rites and Contingencies to choose from.

More Information on how to play is below. Feel Free to DM me on Discord if you have any questions. Lash#1803. I can be found on the Ashes of Creation Discord as well. I probably left out a lot of details so ask me anything.

Card Examples:

Card Albums:
Nodes and base game Pieces

Contingencies - usable at any time

Rites - Usable during Preparation when no other action is taking place.

Freeholds - Persistent field effects

Production Units - Used to convert resources into usable materials

Equipment and Augments - Used to modify Units on the field.

Gold -
Talisman -
Research -
Steel -

Dual Type Units -

Link to rule and Keyword Information:

List of Cards and Type:

Link to Card Files: I am aware downloading a file is probably sketchy. Someone might be able to verify. I am working on uploading the files to imgur but it takes a while.

Let me know if any of the links are not working.

I added a Steam Workshop upload for Table Top Simulator. You can make a deck using TTS deck Builder.

I am going to try to add some basic decks when I get around to it.


  • This is great! I know you've been working on it a while so it's cool to see it in a playable state. I think the premise is pretty solid - having to level a node via caravans while also allocating resources to its defense seems like a fun set of strategic choices to make.

    I think the google doc containing your list of cards has not yet been published - I can't view it at any rate.

    What are your recommendations for testing? Do you have any thoughts about what a good starter deck might be? And what sort of feedback might you be interested in at this point?
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    I think I fixed the card list. Unfortunately the card list was made using notes on the document and I do not know how to publish it with the notes.This link should let you see the card notes.

    The most obvious synergies with the cards are in the gold cards. The scoundrels are made to work with the Charlatan as it greatly buffs them. There is a few other cards that work with scoundrels. There is also some synergies with the Track mechanic. There is a card that lets to add the tracked card to your hand. Tracking is basically looking at the top card of your deck but if you use it more than once at the same time you can place the cards back in any order.

    In order to test this I am going to see if I can get permission to upload the cards to tabletop simulator. I do not want to do it without permission.

    In terms of feedback I just would love to hear some general thoughts. I am aware it is not easy to test a game like this.
  • Suh-weet!

    Looking at this stuff the moment I get home. Thank you - was hoping someone with game-dev experience would whip up some "pre-games"!
  • YAY I am so glad to see you got this posted up, I know it's been a huge undertaking for you! <3 Think I mentioned this to you earlier but I'd love to see this in a simulated situation as well, so folks can test out the cards and play!

    I can't wait to see how you expand this further with more art moving forward! :smiley:
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    I added a Board with Game Pieces and Rules to Tabletop Simulator. You can make a deck with TTS Deck Builder. Let me know if there is any issues with the board or uploading a deck.
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