Question about artisan system, husbandry/taming and death

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Will bread animals be lootable after your house is destroyed or you are killed?
I feel like this is a finished product but it is listed in "Processing" Which is one of the items listed as lootable from housing and on death.
Should this be moved to Crafting?


  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack
    So, the way it stands right now....

    If they are still considered a gatherable (a tame) they would be a gatherable and would be lootable.
    If they are considered a processed good (a breeding stock) they would be a processed good and would be lootable.

    If they are considered a mount (finished product) then they would be a finished product and they would not be lootable.

    The animal husbandry system seems to not follow the trinity of Gathering > Processing > Crafting exactly. We have almost no information on the husbandry system, so stay tuned for more from Intrepid.
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    One more question. After taming, will the animal appear in our inventory or will the animals follow us around until we can stable them?
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    Lets say that a gatherer has gather 100 wood and 100 ore, they are attached and fight back and die. They drop 50% of the gathered mats. Is this random and the dead guy can drop 100 wood/ore or will it be 50% of each different gatherables.
    This leads into taming. I feel as taming resources will be more scattered unlike veins or forests and tamers will not have the number of tames like wood/ore. How will the drop be calculated.
    Lets say I have 2 horses and 5 bears. 50% would either be 3 or 4 tames. Will is be rounded up or down.
    Would 1 bear drop and 2/3 horses or will this be randomly picked?
    The difference between 1 or 2 drops for a tamer will be much more impactful then 1 or 2 wood/ore. Dont you think?

    What happens if I only have one tame. Will it drop or not?
    Sorry for all the questions, just curious and as i write one question another one comes to mind.
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    I think you should wait until more information comes out before you start worrying about how the drops will work. Since, we have no clue at this point.
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