[NA] The Divine Order | PVX | CT | Friendly | Player Focused | Social | Active

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[NA] The Divine Order | PVX | CT | Friendly | Player Focused | Social | Active

- Who are we?

We are The Divine Order. A group of friendly gamer's who decided to band together in January 2021 for the upcoming game Ashes Of Creation. We were tired of the high expectations of the other guilds who claimed to be "player friendly" then ignoring you once they figured you didn't fit their agenda. If not that, getting ignored and not being able to grow in rank due to not being "cool" with the leadership. It didn't seem fair, so we made this guild for those who feel left out, want a chance to grow within a guild, or just want some casual gaming buddies. We will still include dungeoning, PvP and PvE, though it's up to the guild members if they would like to participate in such events and not required. We know you all have families and jobs outside the game so there's no pressure.

- What we offer offer:
• Organization: Personnel Tracker, Exp for Promotion, Rank structure
• Friendly Environment
• Active Community
• Member Recognition
• A chance to have a leadership role
• Giveaways

- Our Goals:
• Establish a Node
• Capture a Castle
• Raid Dungeons
• Protect/Raid Caravans.
• Participate in Sieges when necessary.
• Participate in Monster Coin events.

- Requirements
• 16+
• Ability to join/use voice comms
• Speak and understand English
• Maintain Activity
• Motivated to grow within the guild
• Mature enough to follow the rules set in place

Discord: https://discord.gg/5nPrUWGshU
• Guild Master: @Neorine#7510
• Officers: @adeluna13#5148 @Shakybill#9452
Contact any one of the member's listed if you have any questions!

Come grow with us!


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