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Ashes of Creations Apocalypse and the current or future Ashes

How similar is the game or will it be to Ashes of Creations Apocalypse? I was watching some apocalypse gameplay pretending to see what the Ashes MMO might look like and I really liked it a lot, the graphics are not spectacular but I find them beautiful, good landscapes, temples, forests, etc ... In summary I liked what I saw. .. then for the more knowledgeable Ashes and in exchange for a lot of apocalypse or is it still similar to that gameplay and graphics?

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  • TalentsTalents Member, Intrepid Pack
    Art style will be the same, but much better graphics.

    Combat will be very different tbh.
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    edited April 2021
    You can pretty much entirely ignore the fact that Apocalypse ever existed.

    Whether you believe it was a sort of demo for them to work out coding and other background systems for the development of AoC; or that it was a pure attempt at a cashing in of the popular Battle Royale games; ultimately the gameplay and skills and classes will deviate significantly for the MMO version.

    You can check the livestreams on their Youtube page, and the live stream today on their twitch.

    Also check this out (from the thread
    Nagash wrote: »
    So just saw the new post steven made on Twitter and all I can say is, WOW. I mean that is one hell of an upgrade from APOC

    from this

    to this


    Keep up the fantastic work intrepid

    Regarding the world's graphics, odds are they'll be even better as they upgrading them with the newer Unreal Engine versions and have even discussed the possibility of moving to Unreal Engine 5 in the future
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Yeah, Apoc seems a million miles away now

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