Friend and I looking for Friendly PvP/End Game Guild

MaterdagoldMaterdagold Member
edited May 2021 in NA Guild Recruitment
I am an exceptional PC gamer. Took a break from WoW once it started going downhill. I always main a mage had 2300+ ranked arenas 2k+ battle grounds. I enjoy having multiple mages and at least 1 of every class. Same with star wars and sorcerer top 5 on the server had multiple of every class maxed out. I will always PvP first but I expect to do all aspects of ashes due to it being awesome. I am competitive but will not be a jerk and expect the same from the guild I join. I've led and have been an Officer in PvP Guilds. Life is busy but I still plan to play
at least 5-10 hours daily. I would be interested in an officer position if one is needed for PvP oriented events. Also friend is an awesome healer very good and will always be a team player. We always play together. I look forward to hearing from a great future guild that will dominate the server and rank up the world to our Guilds liking.


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