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  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Hello team

    In the future, a few years after the release, do you plan to open new servers for new players or do you plan to have ingame "catch up mechanics" ?
  • unknownwonunknownwon Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will there be any areas in the world that are so corrupted they seep into the player if they are there for too long, slowly causing corruption or something similar?

    An example of this would be if you engaged a hard world boss, and you would slowly gain corruption while fighting it. Since corruption reduces stats such as health and damage, increases drop rate of gear the more corruption you have it would incentivize PvPers to attempt to gank the players attempting the boss (corruptionless death won't do that since people won't be bringing gatherables to raids), while it would incentivize the players attempting the boss to bring some PvPers along for defence. It would be a race against time for the PvErs since if the defending PvPers were wiped, they would be easily overrun due to having corruption – especially if it was towards the end of the encounter – building tension as the fight dragged on.
  • 90Bubbel90Bubbel Member
    edited May 2021
    How will weapon smithing work? will we just have complete weapons to make or will we be able to mix parts like x-handle to y-blade and z hilt?
  • SqueezySqueezy Member
    With a given number of total players per server, will everybody on the server be able to be a citizen at the same time?
    In other words, if a single server has a concurrent player base of 10,000 - 15,000 players and a total of 50,000 players. Will there be enough housing at the endgame for each and every player to have citizenship?
    ᚺᛖᚨᚱᚦ ᛟᚠᚦᛖ ᛊᚺᚨᛞᛟᚹ ᛁᛗᛁᚱ
  • TwigeteTwigete Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    will crafting profession, gathering and processing have its own events.
  • CadacCadac Member
    Will instanced content be repeatable?
  • Kryth99rKryth99r Member
    edited May 2021
    Will Day and Night cycle play any role in changing aspects of gameplay in terms of classes like night time being advantageous for Rogue archetypes? and also since fast travel is very rare, will players be able to make camps as a mean for temporary safe zones to prevent from getting killed while being afk?

    Thank You. Love your team's passion.
  • Could you please tell us what creatures you guys have in mind for the larger mounts/ group mounts ?

    Thank you.
  • MMOsForLifeMMOsForLife Member
    edited May 2021
    How "hardcore" will PvP be in Ashes of Creation be compared to other major MMOs?? Like the Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, Lineage 2, or Dark Fall?
  • TaelTael Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Will you be allowing the extended ascii character set for character naming etc ?

    Any thoughts of a reincarnation system to allow further character development ? ie ; complete a life of Ranger , reincarnate as a wizard carrying over some past life bonus from the past life .. dungeons and dragons online has done an exceptional job of extending character development with this system.
  • dewan58dewan58 Member
    Are there any plans on Archetype or crafting specific quests? Similar to class quests you see in other games that award unique gear that is specific to your class or crafting profession?
  • NostraNostra Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Once a siege scroll is obtained, how modifiable is it (e.g., in the event the node my guild wanted to siege having advanced to the next stage during the time it took us to obtain the siege scroll)?
  • A question about loot-able mounts:

    Will players receive any kind of memento by which to remember any of the mounts that can die or expire (i.e. a small statue or a taxidermied version for our houses) ?

  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited May 2021
    I'm gonna give up on asking if the gatherable sparkles are here to stay or if they are just placeholder and the plans for a 'harvest' skill are still there...
    New question:
    Roughly speaking, what % of the map is susceptible to seasonal changes? What % of the underrealm?
  • ArkiulaArkiula Member
    How much freedom are designers given? I think it would be cool to have areas where the designers can go crazy with their own little passion projects.
  • RisingLightRisingLight Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I know you have discussed a little about how you don’t plan on having any type of dps meter but also are heavily against using adding or third party programs to alter your game. My question is will there be any other way to test our rotations or damage/heals/damage mitigation any other way? I enjoy being a part of a team but I also enjoy being able to test between gear or abilities or just honing my skills and familiarities with my character. To better myself and feel achieved by getting the most out of what I have. Is there a possibility that you might have a dedicated area where you could test that shows those numbers or have considered other means to satisfy those who wish to test their deeps? Ps awesome job with the game so far keep it up and God bless!! You’re entire team are doing an amazing job!
  • MaezrielMaezriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In terms of aesthetics, what is the dev's vision for combat? Gritty and realistic? Over-the-top fantasy? Anime-esque?

    There seems to be a huge disconnect from what players imagined and what has been created thus far and I feel a lot of that comes from not knowing exactly what it is you guys want the combat to look like.
    If I said something that you disagree w/ feel free to say so here.
  • MangertMangert Member
    I have a question about death penalties. You’ve said they won’t be active for major pvp events, but what about dungeons and raids. Specifically the stat dampening. I can imagine a wipe or two making a raid harder and harder eventually up to impossible. I know raid difficulty will be modular so we are kept challenged, but wipes are common in every mmorpg raid I’ve played, and even 1 wipe reduces stats of 40 players, making your next attempt that much harder. Are we supposed to beat raids in one attempt? Will bosses be that easy to do so?
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Drew_932 wrote: »
    With the Animal husbandry profession will you be able to cross breed two different types of animals to get a unique animal or mount. Will there be a way to do that in Ashes?

    There is a compendium of acceptable parameters for breeding, which isn't going to be known until players discover it. This discovery may be different for different players.
    • Animals have a unique ID that is tied to the husbandry chart (compendium) that takes into account possible combinations between animals.There will be odd combinations, but there will be limits to what is possible.
    • Discovery of certain breeding habits and different quests may grant access to slots in the compendium.
    • Players will be able to discover all possible combinations of genetic traits for breeding eventually, but there is an element of RNG associated with genetic parings.

    Animal husbandry involves a tree of its own that players get to discover via what pairings they choose... That's going to be a pretty fun aspect of creating rare mounts that haven't been seen in the world. – Steven Sharif

    Genetic lines are based on the type of mount or creature that has been captured or tamed.

    The genetic system will involve trial and error to determine what yields or combinations are possible. This will incorporate an element of RNG.
    • This may grant access to specific types of mounts.
    • A dominant genetic trait might be discovered with a pairing or there may be a much smaller chance to unlock a specific breed of species.
    • These chances are improved based on the player's advancement within the Animal husbandry profession.

    Each of these animals have a unique ID. There's going to be essentially this husbandry chart that takes into account potential combinations between animals that you have. So there's gonna be a little bit of obviously trial and error as players begin to explore this genetic system to determine what yields are possible; and those yields are obviously going to have an element of RNG to them as well. So you know you may pick up on a more dominant genetic trait within the pairing, or you may have a much smaller chance to unlock a specific breed of species; and then those chances obviously get augmented by your advancement within the Animal Husbandry profession. So a person who's more experienced in pairing of certain animals, and even the specific types of pairings, will increase their likelihood- their RNG chances of essentially birthing a unique mount; and being able then to sell those on an open auction. They can also be applied as certificates toward the construction of particular caravans as well. – Steven Sharif
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    ashone wrote: »
    Will the gathering tools require repairs?

    Tools will have durability and tool lifespans.
    • The amount of usages of a gathering tool increases as the gatherer becomes more proficient in the gathering artisan tree.
    • Tools may become non-repairable, requiring re crafting.
    • Artisans will not need to rely on other trees in order to make their tools
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Minaax wrote: »
    can you please switch from ( buy the game / game shop ) model to ( buy the game / monthly sub ) model?.

    The game has currently no box cost (the Buy the game part) and is currently set to have a Subscription fee of 15 dollars/euros per month.

    The store is not currently supposed to be in-game, and will only sell cosmetics. No P2W

  • KesarakkKesarakk Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Will the Mayoral System remain democratic (Players vote) for all Nodes, or are there still plans to keep each type of node on their independent election system(Champions, Questline, etc.)?
  • DreohDreoh Member
    Are ships going to require multiple people to functionally sail? As in, while one person is steering, will others be required to alter the sails and man cannons, or will everything be controlled by the helmsmen?
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Kesarakk wrote: »
    Will the Mayoral System remain democratic (Players vote) for all Nodes, or are there still plans to keep each type of node on their independent election system(Champions, Questline, etc.)?

    The democratic vote for all types of nodes was only in for the sake of ease in the Alpha test
  • HogHog Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will there be ways to create our own Artisan areas and testing areas. Maybe things such as a showground area for tames to be shown off and sold whilst also being able to test the mount at the same time? Or a area for blacksmiths to show their work and let people test it on scarecrows and such things before purchasing? This would make it so that players can showcase what they are proud of.
  • SchmukySchmuky Member
    edited May 2021
    Considering we can breed mounts and have them have different stats, will they be level specific? Or can a lvl 1 character with a generous friend have a top tier mount from the start? (hopefully yes, just wanna check the devs sentiment on this)
  • burnthefernburnthefern Member, Settler, Alpha One
    Will assassinations carry any weight when it comes to the political mechanics in the game? Example, certain diplomacy options being disabled for a mayor or king for x amount of time after being assassinated.
  • I'd love to know what the team's thoughts are on reputations and how that would work in the day to day working's of the world. (Will it be the same daily task or will it be a somewhat varied range of tasks to do).

    Thanks for reading my question :)
  • How will you organize bounty hunting? Is it just certain fixed places on the map where corrupted players go to farm at any time, or will it be a rotating area on the map set for specific times of day, or something in between? I think it would be better to have the times regulated somewhat so that you don't have to be up at 2 A.M to kill corrupted players. And it would be cool if the area rotated so there is like a race to get there. That's just me though, any thoughts?
  • TM TrickTM Trick Member
    edited May 2021
    I know this question may float around a lot and I'm fully aware the game is no where near completion but if you had to guess what is the most likely release year based on how production is going as of now. Would love a response to this. So excited for the game I have high hopes <3
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