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  • HurtmeiHurtmei Member
    Are you planning on making ost for certain Bosses? (Start fighting some badass dragon and his theme starts playing). Really makes the fight more Epic feeling imo.
  • AnikirAnikir Member
    edited May 2021
    Hello! Congratulation LieutenantToast, great work! :smiley:
    Will character creator will include the option to make your adventurer a left handed?
  • McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
    edited May 2021
    Hi Intrepid,

    Please can you give a summary of what you've considered so far on the Player and Guild pre-registration, hopefully covering the notes below.
    Thanks, Mack.

    Will Guilds/Players be able to choose (set a preference?) to play or NOT TO PLAY on the same server as other specific Guilds?
    • Example One: several 200-ish member Guilds would like to work together to provide stability.
    • Example Two: choosing to avoid Discord Mega-Guilds or Streamer personality cults of 5k+ members which would dominate their servers.

    It might be the case that by registering as a Guild member you would lose the right to set the above preferences in favor of what the Guild Leader chooses for the whole Guild?
  • MihaeleMihaele Member
    edited May 2021

    In terms of healers and their movement, will they be stuck in place for long casting times or will they be more versatile like in one of MMOs you take inspiration from? Could you possibly elaborate further on how movement while casting will be in general with other classes compare to healers? Thanks!
  • If the corruption is not fought by the players in an area, how far can it grow?
  • ShoelidShoelid Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How long/for how many levels will you guide a new player? At what point do you push them out of the nest to go develop a node and create their own goals?
  • roostroost Member
    edited May 2021
    As someone who heavily enjoys open world PvP, I'm a little concerned with the corruption system as it stands. I feel as though if players are able to just ignore attackers and continue gathering/exploring, it erodes any sort of risk from being in the open world. Even though they can technically still be killed, corruption still heavily disincentivizes fighting in the open, and outweighs the benefits of a non-combatant player dropping more loot. If open-world pvp is opt-in only, it changes the dynamic from "fighting for your life in a hostile world" to "I only want to fight this guy if I think i can take him."

    My question is: How will you maintain the threat of other players as a gameplay mechanic if anybody can opt-out with little to no consequence?
  • PeteNastyPeteNasty Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How will ship ownership be handled. I imagine some of the larger vessels are harder to make, however they could be essential for certain guild/group related activities. If the owner of a ship is offline, will friends/guildmates have and way to access it?
  • RocketFarmerRocketFarmer Member
    edited May 2021
    One of the recent discoveries by some of the alpha testers was the importance around paying attention to the details of a given quest. Like gathering information for the mission ahead through investigation instead of just having NPC X direct you here or there. Sounds like you intend for quests and adventures in general to be a bit more involved than the typical MMORPG.

    My Question: Can you elaborate more on quests/adventures?

    Elaboration on the question:

    Do you plan on something equivalent to a campaign for a tabletop RPG, where a series of adventures weaves a story that the GM (in this case the game) and the players collaborate on? Including adventures beyond max level?

    And, how do those adventures tie into world events - or do they?

    How do the nodes and player choices tie into the overall story other than perhaps bigger events within those nodes?

    Finally, do you envision a series of campaign seasons over a certain span of time to be tied in with updates to the game?

    Other potential ideas:

    Player quest givers and a reward system associated with this method. Best example being the Bard passing around stories of potential adventure.

    Group quests/adventures where a group of 4-8 players complete a quest for a group reward. Basically emulating a regular gaming group that meets once a week. Includes the concept of competition between teams for a winner takes all reward.

    World quest where groups, up to guild size, investigate, solve and resolve something epic for an equally epic reward.
  • So excited for the game! Really appreciate all the work you do.

    One of the aspects people really enjoy about MMORPG's is character customization. This said, one area that has always been neglected is spell & ability "skins". WoW did this briefly with Glyphs, and they're still available due to their success.

    Are there any plans for ability/spell color customization? Holiday alternate effects that can be purchased?

    Watching a raid with 6 casters casting the same spell is... lackluster. I know you guys are going for top-tier, so I hope to see some creative solutions.

    Ideas: Valentine's day skins that change particles to rose petals or flames to bubbles floating up.
    Spring holiday skins that change particles to dandelion seeds on the wind or a ground effect skin of flowers blooming.
    Halloween skin that turns particles to bats, a ground effect skin of skeletal hands grasping.

    You see a theme developing I'm sure. If they can be used year-round, people could make their class suit their theme and personality. They can really develop a unique character.

    It would be nice to be able to at least customize skill color to match themes. Instead of a giant blue beam... let me have a giant green beam, or purple, etc.

    Keep up the great work! Love all your videos!
  • HeithinnHeithinn Member
    edited May 2021
    I know you have discussed a little about how you don’t plan on having any type of dps meter but also are heavily against using adding or third party programs to alter your game. My question is will there be any other way to test our rotations or damage/heals/damage mitigation any other way? I enjoy being a part of a team but I also enjoy being able to test between gear or abilities or just honing my skills and familiarities with my character. To better myself and feel achieved by getting the most out of what I have. Is there a possibility that you might have a dedicated area where you could test that shows those numbers or have considered other means to satisfy those who wish to test their deeps? Ps awesome job with the game so far keep it up and God bless!! You’re entire team are doing an amazing job!

    I'm interested in this too, as well as HPS. It's important as individuals, and as a team to know if our performance is exceptional, on par, or sub-par to our peers.

    I'd be happy even with a system that "rates" your participation in the activity with a "red, yellow, green" or "5-star", even if not specific numbers, just so we know how we rate as a player and teammate. It would be amazing if it could take DPS taking damage, and overhealing, etc into its overall rating based on fight mechanics. So, for example, if there's a mechanic where DPS is supposed to soak up a puddle, the damage caused by the puddle is IN FAVOR of the DPS players rating because it showed they participated in the mechanic... that's probably YEARS of coding though.
  • ElleandriaElleandria Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Will I continue to accrue XP debt when I reach max level, and what might that look like if an expansion increases the max level?
  • GrilledCheeseMojitoGrilledCheeseMojito Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I've been really impressed with the quality of the quests and dialogue so far, is the plan to keep the same team members focused on the larger scope of content, going forward, or should we be expecting the work to be spread out amongst more staff?
    Grilled cheese always tastes better when you eat it together!
  • SolrSolr Member
    Are there plans on completely remove the minimap for a more immersive feeling, where it will neccessary to actually learn to navigate in the world? and how would tracking of players, mobs, gatherables work in this case?
  • OrijinOrijin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Hey, i got a question regarding Mounts, Animal Husbandry and Crafting.

    I am wondering if there ever was any internal discussion regarding the disparity between "significant sinks in the game for base materials" (i.e item repair) and the lack of "decay" mechanics for "basic" mounts (not the temporary mounts") ?

    As someone interested on the Animal Husbandry profession, i'm not 100% sure of the economic viability of this profession.

    I know that one player can have multiple mounts and will probably need more than one1 but i can see a future where the market is not growing anymore (i.e everyone got the mount they need) and only rely on new player. Then you're stuck with your crafting skill that no one need.
    I'm kinda exaggerating a bit but hopefully you get my point.

    TL;DR : Has anyone talked/thought about adding decay to "basic" mounts to prevent the Husbandry profession market from becoming a dead profession?

    PS : If the answer is "no", would you mind explaining why you don't think its needed ?
  • Hello everyone, i have several questions about the narrative/lore quest, especially the lore characters. How will this be implemented with the node system ? Do the lore character will be lock until the node where he/she is atteign a certain stage ? The type of node will matter ?
    Or the important ones will be outside the node ?

    Keep up the good work, i believe in you all, love you.

    PS: Sorry for bad English, i'm a baguette
  • Dont you think that a chat filter would ruin the role playing aspect of the game? What is your reasoning behind it? People would figure a way around it anyway, its just making chat a problem to deal with because of words you cannot type. Freedom of speech should be the priority.
  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Can you give us some information on the current plans for how Named Mobs in the open world are likely to work in the released game i.e. will they have set spawn points, respawn timers on the scale of hours or day(s), and therefore be 'camped', something else generally, or a mix of various spawn and respawn conditions?
    Sorry, my native language is Erlang.
  • Will there be any discontinued items in the game? Best regards, a big collector in other MMOS.
  • How important will picking one's server be for playing with other specific players such as friends, family, etc.? Will we have the option to group up with players from different servers for instanced events? Also, will a service transfer service be available at some point for specific characters (would this be a monetary cost or free?)?
  • DocFrogDocFrog Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will there be a courier system where you can pay other players to move your goods, ideally with their own caravans, and they have to pay collateral in case they don't succeed?
  • Half Tilt GamerHalf Tilt Gamer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How will incurred death penalties change at max level? Does experience debt become something else? Do other penalties get amplified?
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  • DoodlzDoodlz Member
    Considering Verra is a different planet, animals looking different is to be expected. However, we have seen "regular horses". Any chance there will also be "regular frogs" in addition to the fantasy frogs like the Prickly Pollywog?
  • MycologyMycology Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    How are you and the staff doing? I feel like undertaking this big of a project has got to be stressful.

    Just remember to Posture check and stay hydrated ;)
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can we get some loose schedule of the probable planned nda testing sessions coming up?
  • I'd want to know more about over-enchanting, how many times can you do it, are there ways to influence the chances of success or prevent the destruction of an item in case of failure, and how likely would failure be?
  • SparkiSparki Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    how many people are currently working on Ashes of Creation?

    How extensive will the housing be later on? With which system from other games is it most comparable?
    Gaming with passion
  • MakBlurMakBlur Member
    edited May 2021
    I've seen a video where it said that mounts will be physical items in your inventory, whereas they return to your inventory when not used. Which is really inconvenient, especially if your inventory is full of stuff.
    Will that change?
    Will we have a special mount tab or something to help us keep track of our mounts and not accidentally delete or lose our mounts from inventory? Something similar to what WoW or Guild Wars 2 did.

    Another question is about Tulnar.
    We've seen we can create reptilian or mamal Tulnar, which brings up a question:
    Will we be able to create rodent-like Tulnar as well? Can the scale go from really human-like with some bestial options (tail, ears, markings), to almost entirely bestial looks?

    Thanks :)
  • TetterianTetterian Member, Pioneer, Kickstarter
    Hey, hope you all are doing great!
    How will players be able to compare themselves to others? Is there going to be a form of combat power (item level, gear score etc)?
  • JumbeJumbe Member
    I would like to know more about the right to boss drops? As I have heard it example if guild 1# attacks first they need to do 40% of damage and 2nd needs to do 60% etc (but lets say there will be 4 different guilds attacking each other and boss and say 1# guild does 25% of damage then gets killed they run 2# does 30% damage then 3# guild attacks them and start doing 35% damage then again their guild gets killed (none is at the boss after this then 4th does rest of 10 % so does the loot stay there for 3# guild to get it or does it have some time until someone else can take it or only 3# can loot it and. Would be nice if you beat some boss it would say in chat or somewhere how much % damage you take and your place. So any indicators that will show like placements?
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