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A small Dwarven chest

Hey! Haven't been here for a while (since the old version of the forum) :D But today I'm back to share my latest creation :)
Thing is that my hobby is woodworking... and I like Dwarves... Dunir especially... And when devs started to share their art and renders, I thought that it would be cool to create something... something... "dwarven" :D
So I used this model for inspiration.


Unfortunately, I'm not good at working with metals, so the final variant differs from the model... let's say, that this chest was created by another dunir family :D well, enough talking! Here is a result





Materials: oak, ash, tung oil, wax, bronze-like accessories.
Hope you'll like it :)


  • Very neat!

    Out of curiosity, did this involve any CNC work, or was it entirely by hand? Can't tell, from the size.

  • olafksruolafksru Member
    I have no CNC – the wooden part is fully handmade :) Used a circular saw, milling cutter, plane, chisels, and jigsaw. :)
    Accessories were bought in the store as I really do not work with metal :) Need to learn, yeap.
  • ZeshioZeshio Member
    Very cool!
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