Greetings fellow travelers,

I've been through a lot of worlds. Took down countless bosses, defeated innumerable monsters and left bodies of countless opponents in my wake. DAYUM! Now that I think about it, I really need to get a life but this world looks 'Interesting'. From the concept to the footage's I could see great potential in this world.

For now, I'm just dropping by to say 'Hi!' to all of you especially on the Dev Team. I don't mind waiting for this game. By the way it's progressing and the amount of people who are supporting this game, I could say with 100% certainty that this is the kind of world that I'd like to stay for quite a while.

Cheers! And I hope we meet in this world.

Truly yours,



  • Welcome and dont ask for cookies :)
  • Greetings AngelArm! Welcome to the family.

    I offer you tea in place of Grisu (who very kindly offered me some and I plan to pass along the favor [or mead on behalf of Thorik]). You should check out the Discord server ( if you want to read some exclusive content and chat with the community (much anime. so chat. very fun.).

  • some of us might have cookies

    you didn't hear it from me though
  • Welcome to the community!
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