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All 64 Classes in Ashes of Creation (Explained)

This video took me 2 weeks to make. I did my very best to compile all the information that we have so far about the archetype/class system and how the classes will function. I am sure that there is a lot more information that has not been revealed to the public yet that I don't know about. I want to share it here seeing that it has exploded on youtube and gotten a lot of really interesting comments that should be considered.

For example, one commenter (can't remember the name) mentioned that the tank archetype doesn't have a taunt ability. This makes it hard for tanks to swap agro in a raid.

I found it pretty interesting. Hopefully, this also shows that I would be a good candidate for the content creator program as well ;)


  • Your video was clearly spoken and informative. It had great example cinematics to showcase the abilities. Overall, very good work. :smiley:

    Steven Sharif is my James Halliday (Anorak)


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    And with strange aeons even death may die.”

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