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2021 Glorious Gourd Contest Submission Thread - Share Your Gourd Here!

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This is the official entry thread for the 2021 Ashes of Creation Glorious Gourd Contest - share your submitted creations here! NOTE: Any posts in this thread that do not include submissions will be removed - for questions or comments, please reply to the Glorious Gourd forum discussion here!

Please be sure to review the full entry instructions here first, and check out the additional helpful links below:

Full Contest Rules
Physical Entry - Name Placard
Digital Entry - Glorious Gourd Template (PDF version)
Digital Entry - Glorious Gourd Template (PNG version with transparent background)

To embed an image in your forum reply for submission, first upload it to an external image hosting site, and copy the direct image link (ex. Typically you can get the direct image link by right clicking on the image and selecting “copy image address”. Then, click the photo icon in the forum formatting bar and paste your link - it will automatically insert the image for you. Alternatively, you can embed your image directly using BBCode, like so:

Be sure your submission complies with our full Contest rules! For physical submissions, you must only include one image for your submission to be valid - if you’d like to show off multiple angles of your creation, please submit them combined into one image. You may use multiple pumpkins in your submission, as long as they are part of one cohesive theme, and all contained in one submission image.


For digital submissions, you must use the digital template provided in its original, unaltered format in order for your digital submission to be valid. You may color inside and/or outside the lines however you wish, but do not alter the lines or color on them in any way.


If you’d like to participate in our Glorious Gourd Sweepstakes in addition to or instead of our Glorious Gourd Contest, you can read more on that here!

Happy carving and crafting, glorious creators!


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