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Ashes Of Creation [ NODE SYSTEM PART 1 ]

This week's episode aims to answer the question "What Are Nodes in Ashes of Creation?"


This is the first part of my Ashes of Creation Node series in it I am going to be doing an in-depth look at what nodes types there are, what the node stages are, how many nodes are there in the Ashes of Creation Map, how to advance a node, how is the node layout affect and what factors affect the layout of the nodes, What is node citizenship in Ashes of Creation and what are the benefits of being a citizen, What buildings can be built in a node and what is node reputation and how can it affect the player.

This is a two-part video with the second part covering additional information on the node system in Ashes of Creation.
Follow the series along as I dive deep into all the core systems that have been revealed in Ashes Of Creation Alpha 1 and in Pre-Alpha and get some of the answers to your questions.

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