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Please, Sire. May I have a smidgen of new knowledge on the Rogue class?

ickNickN Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited June 2022 in General Discussion
I'm but a lowly basta'd child in need of some sustenance is all. Back to the shallows of me back breaking job then. Cheerio.


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    MycologyMycology Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I am very much dying to know more about the classes and augmenting. All we can do is hope for more information in the upcoming months. I think it would be safe to assume we'll get 1-10 skill videos like we did with the Tank, Mage, Cleric.

    (Unconfirmed/confirmed? [ Ranger Class has been complete but there was a massive bug with it and it didn't make it into A1. Things I've heard on Facebook/Reddit groups, cannot confirm this myself.])
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    Night WingsNight Wings Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2022
    All the information the community has on rogues that I know of is in the link down below.

    I am curious how stealth will work, because it looks like from the videos I did see ( that you can find in the wiki link down below) its more like a hunters camouflage from World of Warcraft rather then a actual stealth?

    As far as rogues are they're pretty same in every MMO I've played they're sneaky thieves that disarm traps or sneaks pass X person The only thing I can see what changes the rogue will be depending on the "2nd class" you choose.


    Class Personal Opinion Notes
    Assassin ( Stealthy rogue)
    Charlatan (every spell you cast buffs party attack speed or something?)
    Cultist (life stealing rogue that heals it self?)
    Duelist ( High dmg rogue?)
    Nightspell ( AoE dmg rogue? )
    Predator (range/close rogue? Someone try's to run you have range to slow)
    Shadow Guardian (more sturdy rogue)
    Shadow Lord (rogue with pet)

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    DolyemDolyem Member
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    DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Dual Daggers might be showcased next week.
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    I feel your pain, I wanna see some rogue action aswell.
    With some luck we may see something good this week.
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    PenguinPaladinPenguinPaladin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    The rouge class will be weaker if its skill become common knowledge....... y'all are fake fans
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