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Was the Combat Update actually a Combat Movement Update?

After watching the demo twice and reading a lot of comments, I think the combat update was mostly intended to show how movement will work during combat. The character was able to move around and change directions very quickly while using daggers, but he was much slower when swinging the sword.

What do you think? I'm sure our feedback on the animations and such is important, but was the intent to display combat movement?


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    NiKrNiKr Member
    Combat movement is one of the most important parts of the combat for a lot of people. The whole argument about rooted motion or split body was the main reason why we waited for this combat update. Apparently a lot of people hate rooted combat, so Intrepid had to properly animate and design movement so that it seems better for those people.
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    CawwCaww Member
    The free-flowing action of the combat was really interesting to see even in the limited amount provided. The magic users are gonna have a blast bouncing around and wreaking havoc as well as the ranged users, assuming no restrictions. I'm not sure how melee can get in close enough to connect unless distance players do have to stand for a second or two while attacking.
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    DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Sure. I mean, they could have made an even more super-long title for the demo covering all the featrues they showcased.
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    I wouldn't say the sole intention was based on the movement. The basic attacks are also going to be integrated with a weapon talent system and this is just the first step in the direction.

    I think general *feel* is what they were hoping to get from us. Does it feel good (as much as you can interpret from a video of someone else playing it!). Is the direction that the combat is going in a direction that we are happy with?

    Movement is one component, but they showed off movement, action style basic attacks, VFX changes with the damage text and the customisation, so I'd say they are grouping together whatever elements they can into bite-sized batches.
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